We represent injured persons working at offshore locations in the Gulf, including the state of Texas and Louisiana.  If you or someone you know has sustained injuries on any oil rig platform, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for a free case evaluation.

American Exploration Company
Anadarko US Offshore Petroleum Corporation
Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners
ANKOR Energy E&P Holdings Corporation
Apache Exploration
Apex Oil & Gas
Apollo Offshore
Aquila Energy Resources Corporation
Arena Offshore
Ashland Exploration Holdings
Atlantic Richfield Company
ATP Oil & Gas Corporation
Aviva Petroleum
B T Operating Co.
Baker Hughes
Barrett Resources Corporation
Belco Petroleum Corporation
BHP Billiton Petroleum Company
Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations
BP America Exploration & Oil Production
British-Borneo USA
Burlington Resources Offshore
Byron Energy
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Cairn Energy USA
Callon Petroleum Operating Company
Calpine Natural Gas Company
Castex Offshore
Century Offshore Exploration New Orleans
Challenger Minerals
Chevron U.S.A. & Pipe Line Company
Clovelly Oil Co
Comstock Offshore
Conn Energy
Conoco Phillips
Contango Operators
Corpus Christi Oil and Gas Company
Cox Operating
CSX Oil & Gas Corporation
Denbury Offshore
Destin Pipeline Company
Devon Energy Production
Diamond Offshore
Dominion Exploration & Production
Dunhill Resources
Dynamic Offshore Resources
El Paso Production Company
Energen Resources MAQ
Energy Resource Technology
Energy XXI
Eni Petroleum US Operating Company
Enserch Exploration
EnVen Energy Ventures
EOG Resources
EP Energy E&P Company
EPL Oil & Gas
Explore Enterprises of Louisiana
ExxonMobil Oil Corporation
Fairways Offshore Exploration
Falcon Offshore Operating Company
Fieldwood SD Energy Offshore
Flextrend Development Company
Four Star Oil & Gas Company
Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas Energy
General Atlantic Energy Corporation
GOM Shelf
GoMex Energy Offshore
Grand Isle Corridor
Gryphon Exploration Company
Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Properties
Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf South Pipeline Company
Helis Oil & Gas Company
Hess Corporation
High Island Offshore System
Hilcorp Energy
Hoactzin Partners
Homestake Sulphur Company
Houston Energy Deepwater Ventures
Houston Oil & Minerals Corporation

Hughes Eastern Petroleum
Hunt Oil Company
IP Petroleum Company
Ivory Production Company
J. M. Huber Corporation
JFD, Inc.
JX Nippon Oil Exploration (U.S.A.)
Kerr-McGee Corporation
Kinetica Deepwater Express
Kirby Offshore & Exploration
Knight Resources
Koch Exploration Company
Legacy Reserves
Linder Oil Company
LLECO Holdings
LLOG Exploration Offshore & Production Company.
Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corp.
Magnum Hunter Production
Manta Ray Offshore Gathering Company
Marathon Oil Petroleum  Company
Mariner Energy
Mariner Gulf of Mexico
Maritech Resources
Mark Producing
Matagorda Island Gas Operations
Matrix Oil & Gas
MC Offshore Petroleum
McMoRan Offshore Oil & Gas Production
Medco Energi US
Merit Energy Company
Mesa Petroleum Co.
MidCon Exploration Company – Gulf Coast
Millennium Offshore Group
Mitchell Energy Corporation
Mobil Exploration and Producing Texas & North America
Monforte Exploration
Murphy Exploration & Production Company – USA
Nabors Industries
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC
NCX Company, Inc.
Newfield Exploration Gulf Coast
Nexen Petroleum Offshore U.S.A.
Noble Energy, Inc.
Norcen Explorer, Inc.
North Central Oil Corporation
Northern Natural Gas Company
Northstar Offshore Energy Partners
Ocean Energy
Odeco Oil & Gas Company
Offshore Energy
Oryx Energy Company
Palace Operating Company
Palm Energy Offshore
Pennzoil Exploration and Production Company
Peregrine Oil & Gas
Petro Ventures
Petrobras America
Petrofina Delaware
PetroQuest Energy
Petsec Energy
PG&E Resources Offshore Company
Phoenix Exploration Company
Pioneer Natural Resources USA
Placid Oil Company
Pogo Producing Company
Poseidon Oil Pipeline
Prime Natural Resources
Prime Offshore
Probe Resources U.S.
Proteus Oil Pipeline Company
Providence Resources
PRS Offshore, L.P.
PXP Gulf Coast

Pyramid GOM
Quintana Petroleum Corporation
Remington Oil and Gas Corporation
Renaissance Offshore
Ridgelake Energy
Rooster Petroleum
Rosetta Resources Offshore
Royal Production Company
Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation
Samedan Oil Corporation
Samson Contour Energy E&P
Samson Offshore
Sandefer Offshore Operating Co.
Santa Fe Energy Operating Partners
Santa Fe Minerals
SCANA Petroleum Resources
Sea Robin Pipeline Company
Seagull Energy E&P
Seneca Resources Corporation
Senior – G & A Operating Company
Shell Offshore Oil & Pipeline
Signal Oil & Gas Company
SM Energy Company
SOCO Offshore
Sojitz Energy Venture
Southern Natural Gas Company
Southland Royalty Company
St. Mary Energy Company
Statoil Exploration (US)
Statoil USA E&P
Stingray Pipeline Company
Stone Energy Corporation
Talos Energy Offshore
Tammany Oil & Gas Energy
Tana Exploration Company
Tana Oil and Gas Corporation
Targa Midstream Services
Tarpon Operating & Development
Tatham Offshore
Taylor Energy Company
TDC Energy Corporation
Tenneco Oil Company
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
Texaco Exploration and Production
Texas Eastern Transmission
The Houston Exploration Company
The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company
The Stone Petroleum Corporation
The Superior Oil Company
Torch Energy Services
TR Offshore
Transco Exploration Company
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company
Tri-Union Development Corporation
Trunkline Gas Company
TXP Operating Company
UMC Petroleum Corporation
Union Oil Exploration & Petroleum
Unocal Exploration Corporation
Vastar Resources
Venice Gathering System
Vintage Petroleum
Virgin Offshore U.S.A.
W & T Offshore Energy
Walter Oil & Gas Corporation
Wayman W. Buchanan
Westport Resources
WFS – Offshore Gathering Company
Whistler Energy II
White Oak Operating Company
Whitney Oil & Gas
Wild Well Control
Williams Field Services – Gulf Coast Company
Williams Gulf Coast Gathering Company
Williams Oil Gathering
Williams Production RMT Company
Wood Energy Corporation
XTO Offshore