Headquartered in Utah, Barrett Resources Corporation was formed in 2002. The company’s operates in several states including Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.  The company is focused on the development of oil and natural gas resources in the area.

Barrett Resources Corporation Accidents

There have been accidents reported involving Barrett Resources workers while on the job.

One accident at the company involved a worker who was purging air out of a line when an explosion occurred. The accident was later attributed to the combination of gas, a spark, and ignition in a wellhouse. The worker that was involved, experienced severe burns to his face, hands, neck, lower torso, and upper leg injuries. The worker proceeded to drive himself to a nearby hospital to obtain treatment.

There have also been other reports of large fires that occurred at natural gas exploration sites  operated by Barrett Resources Corporation.

Asbestos Exposure and Offshore Workers

For many years, asbestos was used for a variety of purposes throughout the state of Texas.  Medical research, however, has since established that asbestos has the potential to result in several very serious conditions such as mesothelioma that can result in the death of workers. Offshore oil rig workers are at risk of being harmed by asbestos and in many cases are only aware that they have been exposed years later after a diagnosis with a an aggressive and often fatal medical condition.

  • Recent Texas & Louisiana Oil Rig Accidents

    Clovelly Oil Rig Explosion Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Jefferson Parish officials: Seven have been hospitalized and one person is dead.

    Slatex Oil Rig Fall Saratoga, Hardin County Sheriff: A man fell from an elevated position and was killed.

    ERSI Oil Rig Fall Sabine Pass, Port Arthur Authorities: A man fell about 100 feet from the top deck of an off-shore oil rig

How an Oil Rig Lawyer Can Help

Oil rig accidents occur each year in the state of Texas and have the potential to significantly disrupt the lives of workers. Some of the various obstacles created by these accidents include lost wages and medical bills. When workers are harmed in oil rig accidents, it can prove particularly helpful to obtain the assistance of an attorney.

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