In 1909, Dominion began with the founding of the Virginia Railway and Power Company. While the company was the one of the regions largest independent natural gas and oil operators for many years, it is expected to increase in size with new mergers and acquisitions.

The company is mainly focused on providing power to North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia. In 2018, Dominion is expected to increase its holdings by acquiring SCANA corporation.

On the Job Risks for Oil Rig Workers

There have been reports of Dominion offshore workers being injured on the job. One report indicates a worker receiving a compound fracture of the ankle and other body injuries while attempting to remove a deck plate.  Another report describes a situation where a worker slipped and fell into the Gulf of Mexico. While falling, the worker struck a diagonal brace and  was not wearing safety equipment. This accident emphasizes that each year a significant number of accidents occur on oil rigs because workers fail to wear adequate safety gear.

The Danger Oil & Gas Workers Face from Asbestos

For many years, asbestos was used as an insulation material by many companies including business involved in the natural gas and oil exploration industries. Medical experts now agree that prolonged exposure to asbestos causes many terminal conditions including mesothelioma.

As a result of the awareness of the threat posed by asbestos, many new regulations have been created to prohibit the use of the material. There is a still risk, however, that oil rig workers might come into contact with asbestos that has remained in oil rig structures and not been removed.

  • Recent Texas & Louisiana Oil Rig Accidents

    Clovelly Oil Rig Explosion Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Jefferson Parish officials: Seven have been hospitalized and one person is dead.

    Slatex Oil Rig Fall Saratoga, Hardin County Sheriff: A man fell from an elevated position and was killed.

    ERSI Oil Rig Fall Sabine Pass, Port Arthur Authorities: A man fell about 100 feet from the top deck of an off-shore oil rig

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