Since our firm was founded, we have been an effective legal recourse for those who have suffered an injury in Houston as the result of corporate negligence and seek fair compensation for them and their families. We also represent those who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident.

Houston Work Accidents

Many workers who are seriously injured on the job in Houston think only workers’ compensation and medical insurance benefits are their only means of support. However, there are other legal approaches that are viable in recovering damages. Legal precedent in most states forbids lawsuits against employers for negligence, but a contractor, manufacturer, leasing agent, or another party can at times be held accountable for a work accident or wrongful death. Many businesses in Houston have this kind of insurance to cover damages and losses.

Houston Maritime Accidents

The city of Houston has one of the largest ports in the nation measured by tonnage, including one of the largest military seaports and is one of the largest industrial areas on the Gulf Coast. Our firm can successfully represent those who have suffered an admiralty and maritime injury, whether it happened onshore or offshore. Many of these injuries include slip and falls, equipment malfunctions, vehicle collisions, and more.

Other Houston Accidents and Injuries

In addition to the maritime, port, and offshore injuries, we can also represent workers injured in a variety of areas including but not limited to:

  • Crane work accidents that involve a tip over or collapse due to instability, loads that are dropped due to improper rigging, falls from the crane, and other catastrophic injuries.
  • Industrial accidents including failure to train, warn, and provide proper safety equipment.
  • Construction work accidents such as falls from scaffolding or elevated platforms, machine or equipment malfunctions, forklift accidents, and accidents that occur in a company vehicle.
  • Oil field and refinery accidents including fires, toxic exposure, explosions, and more.
  • Manufacturing accidents such as those with forklifts, malfunctioning or improperly maintained equipment including presses, rollers and stamps, boilers, and other hazards.
  • Railroad work accidents covered by the Federal Employers Liability Act.

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