In October 3, 1953, Petrobras was founded. In the United States, Petrobras America focuses on exploration and production of oil. Since 2008, the Pasadena Refining System Incorporated which is a subdivision of Petrobras America produces roughly 106,000 boed produced abroad. In 2012, the company began production work at the Cascade field which helps to produce oil and gas in the American part of the Gulf of Mexico. This field can process 80,000 barrels of oil and 500,000 cubic meters of gas each day as well as store 500,000 barrels of oil. The company also is a trend-setting operation in the use of self-sustainable submerged pumps and submarine outflow lines.

Accidents and Petrobras Workers

As a large company, Petrobras employs a variety of workers who are tasked with performing numerous important job functions. Some of the reported accidents on oil rigs owned and operated by Petrobras America include the following:

  • A worker was injured on a Petrobras oil rig during screw removal for a flange as well as valve replacement. The worker was injured during a pressure discharge. A boiler explosion occurred which resulted in the death of workers. Each year, a large number of oil rigs are caused by workers who do not follow proper safety precautions.
  • A helicopter operator experienced difficulty and crashed into the landing area of a Petrobras oil rig. Another collision occurred at Petrobras rig involving a water vehicle. Vehicular accidents at oil rigs involving helicopters or boats are very common because these sources of transportation are the only way that workers are able to arrive at an oil rig. Two of the most common reasons why these accidents occur include vehicular operators who are not properly trained or workers who experience impaired vision due to rain or other weather conditions.
  • A worker fell through an area that was not properly marked. A large number of falls on oil rigs occur each month. Some of the most common reasons why falls include areas that are not properly marked off, scaffolding that is not properly assembled and reluctantly collapses, workers who do not obey posted signs, and equipment that is unsafely placed on elevated surfaces and as a result falls on workers.

The Dangers Created By Asbestos

Since the 1930’s, many companies have used asbestos to fulfill a variety of purposes despite knowing that exposure to asbestos has the potential to cause mesothelioma. Despite the relationship between medical conditions and asbestos, many workers are exposed to the material in older buildings and structures without being aware that the exposure has occurred until years or decades after the incident.

  • Recent Texas & Louisiana Oil Rig Accidents

    Clovelly Oil Rig Explosion Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Jefferson Parish officials: Seven have been hospitalized and one person is dead.

    Slatex Oil Rig Fall Saratoga, Hardin County Sheriff: A man fell from an elevated position and was killed.

    ERSI Oil Rig Fall Sabine Pass, Port Arthur Authorities: A man fell about 100 feet from the top deck of an off-shore oil rig

Contact a Knowledgeable Texas Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

Oil rig accidents leave workers facing a large number of consequences including hefty medical bills and lost wages. To take control of your case, it often proves beneficial to consult with an attorney who can discuss your various options in pursuing compensation and then help take control of your case.