While the number of fatal crashes per 100 million vehicle miles decreased from 5.21 in the 1970’s to 1.99 in 2003, fatal accidents, there is much more to do to decrease the number of fatalities. While this number of fatalities might seem small in comparison to other hazards, the National Transportation Safety Board reports that light and medium-duty trucks are involved in nine percent of crashes. We must always be cautious around trucks, which are large and powerful machines that travel at deadly momentum. Rather than occur due to true accidents, fatalities from truck accidents are often caused by the failure to properly pay attention and obey safety measures.

Key Facts About the Role Safety Plays in Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently issued a series of statements concerning the role that safety plays in truck accidents, including:

  • A distinct and definitive relationship exists between culture and safety.
  • Safety culture is most sharply shaped and controlled by an industry’s attitudes towards safety.
  • Efficient safety communication throughout a company enhances the role of safety practice.
  • Safety culture replace words like “accident” and “mishap” with “crash” and “wreck, which are more straightforward, appropriate terms.
  • Reward and recognition systems are essential to promote safety culture.
  • While driver experiences improves safety, changes in employment based on lack of driver retention diminishes safety culture.
  • In “remote workforce” industries like truck and bus operations, safety communication is essential to ensure that safety concerns are expressed to all involved parties.
  • Safety policies, procedures, and measures but clearly and simply communicated.
  • The measurement of truck driver safety performance is essential to maintaining a safety culture.

Areas of Truck Driving in which Safety Practices Are Essential

Truck safety involves more than just how a vehicle is driven. Some of the other areas of truck driving that involve safety include:

  • Improper cargo containment or securement frequently leads to a variety of conditions that can cause accidents.
  • Defective Equipment. Trucks must properly function to safely travel on the road. Defective truck equipment can lead to numerous dire consequences. The responsibility of defective equipment may be the responsibility of the trucking company or part manufacturer.
  • The failure to properly maintain a vehicle may additionally lead to several types of truck accidents.

Essential Safety Concerns to Address Following a Truck Accident

Even when someone follows proper safety techniques and practices, accidents can still occur. Many individuals still have numerous questions concerning what steps to take after an accident. There are various safety steps that one must be sure to follow after a truck accident. These concerns should be addressed in the following order:

  • First, and immediately, address any potential medical concerns.
  • Once treated and examined by medical professionals, consult an attorney.
  • Avoid talking to insurance, who can distort the events leading up to the incident.
  • Focus on recovering from your injuries.

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