Truck Accident Injuries

Commercial trucks are the most imposing vehicles on the road. A fully loaded 18-wheeler will haul 40,000 pounds, or 20 tons, of cargo. Truck drivers are licensed professionals and have a duty to everyone on the road. When 18-wheelers collide with other vehicles on the road, severe injury or death to the driver or passengers in the other vehicle is the likely result. If you have been injured, or if you have lost a loved one in an 18-wheeler accident, you need a law firm that will stand up for your rights. You need lawyers who help you recover the financial compensation to help you move forward from this devastating event.

The Texas law firm of Reaud, Morgan & Quinn offers tough, skilled representation on behalf of people who have been injured in truck accidents. We will fully investigate your accident and take decisive action against those responsible for your injuries.

Trucking Companies Are Not Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Anytime an 18-wheeler gets into an accident, trucking companies will contact their insurance company immediately. In some cases, an insurance adjuster will be on the scene before the police. Trucking companies are not concerned about whether or not you receive fair compensation for your losses. Rather, trucking companies and their insurers only care about minimizing what they pay to those injured by their negligence.

If you want to receive the money damages you deserve for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, you need to work with lawyers who know how to deal with the trucking companies and any other parties responsible for your injuries. At Reaud, Morgan & Quinn, we have represented many people who have been injured in truck accidents. You can depend on our lawyers to take an aggressive stance with those responsible for your injuries.

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