Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for making sure that commercial trucks remain in good working condition. The failure to properly maintain a commercial truck can result in substantial accidents that can cause injuries and death. For defective tires alone, the Texas Department of Transportation reports there were 1,720 collisions in Texas during 2015. Although these types of accident are entirely preventable, trucking companies and truck drivers do not always take all of the necessary steps to prevent these events from occurring. This article examines applicable regulations regarding failure to maintain vehicles, the most common parts of trucks that break down, and the various parties responsible for these failures.

Regulations Concerning Truck Maintenance

State and Federal regulations exists for many parts on a vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration even contains a list of regulations regarding ongoing vehicle inspection and maintenance that require the owners of commercial trucks to:

  • Maintain records of truck maintenance, inspection, and future scheduled repair. These records should
  • Safely Operates. Ensure that all vehicles components that affect safety operate properly while the vehicle is in use.
  • Systemic Maintenance. Systematically inspect, repair and maintain the vehicles.

Most Critical Parts of Trucks to Maintain

There are many parts to commercial vehicles that be must be properly maintained. Some of the most critical parts that must be adequately monitored include brakes, coupling devices steering systems, tires and windshields. Many times, trucking companies and truck drivers fail to ensure that the most basic components of a commercial truck are adequately maintained.

Parties Responsible for Truck Maintenance

When accidents do occur due to improper truck maintenance, several parties are often often to be responsible for the accident and therefore liable for compensating others involved in the accident for resulting damages. Those that can be held responsible include:

  • A manufacturer of one of the truck’s part may have either designed a part that would result in an accident or produced a defective part.
  • The mechanic who repairs the truck might have failed to properly repair the vehicle.
  • Truck Drivers. Truck drivers might fail to adequately inspect the vehicle before driving. Drivers might also overlook conditions that the truck is in need of inspection.
  • Trucking Company. Trucking companies can be responsible for employing negligent truck drivers, failing to maintain trucks, or not properly equipping trucks with safety mechanisms.

While accidents involving failure to adequately maintain a truck can result in accidents, they are doubly frustrating because there is nothing that motorists can do to prevent or prepare for collisions resulting from this type of negligence.

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