Whether an accident involving a commercial trucks  other vehicle, rollovers are significant events that often result in fatalities and substantial property damage. Rollover is a term that refers to the event that happens when a vehicle leaves the ground and rolls onto either its side or roof. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that fifty four percent of all fatalities due to a crash are caused by “roadway departures” which includes rollovers and incidents in which a vehicle crosses the median line. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s investigations found fifty one percent of large truck occupant deaths in 2014 occurred due to rollovers. This post will explain the deadly nature of rollovers involving commercial motor vehicles.

Causes for Rollovers in Commercial Motor Vehicles

There are several reasons why rollovers occur in commercial motor vehicles.

  • Sometimes commercial truck drivers fail to adequately obey rules regarding the proper containment of cargo, which can result in shifts of weight that can then lead to the rollover of vehicles. In some situations, there might be other parties to blame like the involved trucking company for improperly loading the vehicle.
  • Negligent Drivers. Commercial truck drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles while distracted or fatigued can attempt to suddenly correct the vehicle and resultantly cause a rollover. There are a number of situations that cause negligent drivers including employers with unreasonable demands and drivers who take medication that impairs the ability to properly drive a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Rollovers of commercial motor vehicles frequently result from excessive speed on curves, ramps, or in adverse weather conditions. Drivers who fail to follow established motor vehicle codes tend to speed.
  • Tire Blowouts. Tire blowouts can result in commercial drivers losing control of commercial motor vehicles, which can subsequently lead to rollovers. Tire blowouts can be due to a number of reasons including road conditions, defective parts, and inadequate maintenance.
  • Because commercial motor vehicles are heavier than other vehicles, commercial motor vehicles more time to stop or slow down than other cars. When these trucks are forced to stop suddenly, drivers might also try to swerve out of the way of commercial vehicles can greatly increase the risk of rollovers.

Parties that might potentially be liable for accidents in which commercial motor vehicles rollover include truck driver, trucking companies, and manufacturers of parts used in the truck. The manufacturer might have produced a defective part that directly caused the truck rollover, while the trucking company might be responsible for the driver’s negligence that triggered the appropriate conditions that led to the accident.

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