ABF Freight Systems

ABF Freight System, founded in 1923, is a subdivision of ArcBest Corporation and headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas. ArcBest Corporation is a large company. The company is dedicated towards handling less than truckload transportation throughout the United States. ABF Freight Systems provides a variety of services including: ABF TruckPack and ReloCube which are unique storage containers, a flatbed delivery service, retail shipping services, trade show shipping, and product launch shipping. ArcBest’s first quarter 2016 revenues were $621.5 million, which represents a loss for the company. ArcBest has a reputation for strong leadership in the transportation market despite an unfavorable economy.

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines, founded in 1948 and headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, is the 11th largest American moving company in the state. Atlas World Group is the parent company of Atlas Van Lines. Atlas Van Lines provides a variety of services including household moving, corporate relocation, international transportation, government and military moving, and logistics. As of 2016, Atlas Van Lines contains 500 Atlas Agents in the United States and Canada in addition to service partners operating in 140 other countries. While Atlas Van Lines commercial motor vehicles have been in accidents over the years, Atlas Van Lines was most recently in the news for underpayment to owner-operators.

Allied Van Lines

Founded in 1928, Allied Van Lines is an American moving company. In 1999, Allied Van Lines merged with its larger competitor, North American Van Lines and two companies were renamed Allied Worldwide which was then retitled SIRVA. Both Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines, however, maintain, the same names. Allied Van Lines is now part of the world’s largest relocation and van line logistics company. SIRVA is centered in Westmont, Illinois. Allied Van Lines provides services that include packing, assembly, disassembly, loading and unloading in addition to expert handling for household, corporate, local, interstate, or international moves. While Allied Van Lines was awarded the 2016 Women’s Choice Award® for America’s Most Recommended™ Moving Company, automobile accidents still occur involving Allied Van Lines motor vehicles.

American Freightways

In 2001, FedEx Corporation acquired American Freightways and combined the company with Viking Freight to form FedEx Freight, which provides less than truckload services for customers. More specifically, American Freightways became FedEx Freight East for a short time. This division of FedEx Corporation later became FedEx Freight Incorporated when FedEx Corporation purchased Watkins Motor Lines. Up until this point, American Freightway, founded in 1982, had operated as a less than truckload company that was based in Harrison, Arkansas. While FedEx Freight serves Canada and the Caribbean, many of the former American Freightways motor vehicle still service the southeastern portion of the United States.

Con-Way Inc.

Con-Way Incorporated is a former transportation and logistics company that was headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On December 28, 2013, XPO Logistics System completed its acquisition of Con-Way Incorporated. Con-Way Incorporated is part of XPO Logistics. XPO Logistics is a the second largest freight brokerage company in the world and headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.  While the company provides supply chain managements to thirty two countries, XPO Logistics specializes in intermodal freight transport, brokerage, expedited services in addition to less than truckload  and last-mile services. While drivers should be aware that accidents occur with every company, XPO Logistics in 2011 was given a gold award by Great West Casualty Company for XPO Logistics’ low number of commercial motor vehicle accidents.

Estes Express Lines

Founded in 1931 and based in Richmond, Virginia, Estes Express Lines is a full-service freight transportation provider that is the largest privately held less-than-truckload company. Estes Express Lines currently contains 13,000 employees, 6,000 tractors, and 22,000 trailers. Companies throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico are serviced by Estes Express Lines. In 2015, Estes Express Lines began efforts to renew its fleet of commercial motor vehicles and aims to have 40% of the company’s tractors less than two years old by the end of 2016. As of May 2016, Estes Express Lines is also in the process of rolling out a last-mile delivery service to handle growing e-commerce demand from customers.

FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight is a subdivision of FedEx that transports shipments less than a truckload in addition to offering other freight services. FedEx Freight is the largest less than a truckload provider in the United States and annually sees revenues over $4 billion. FedEx Freight offers two services: FedEx Freight Priority which serves supply chains and FedEx Freight Economy, which is focused more on economic services for less than a truckload shipping. The department of FedEx Freight that is in charge of safety and compliance with regulations has been frequently cited as an industry leader, which suggests that potential compliance violation based cases against this company might prove difficult.

FedEx Ground

Fedex Ground is a shipping company and subsidiary of the Fedex Corporation. Established in 1985, Fedex Ground delivers small packages to all fifty states in addition to Canada. Beginning with a business that only shipped packages to the Mid-Atlantic states, by 1996 the company was transporting packages to every one of the fifty states. Based on the shipper’s volume, FedEx Ground uses one of two companies to pick up packages. While FedEx Ground Contractors picks up packages designated for smaller volume clients, FedEx SmartPost transports packages for larger volume clients. FedEx Ground recently announced a new hub for its operations in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services

Founded in 1961 in Lowell, Arkansas, J.B. Hunt Transport Services is one of the largest transportation companies in the United States with annual revenues over $10 billion. The company’s fleet of over 12,000 commercial motor vehicles distributes cargo throughout the Canada, Mexico, and the United States. J.B. Hunt Transport Services provides dedicated contract service that provide customized services, intermodal which uses special commercial motor vehicles to assist rail terminal construction, integrated capacity solutions which features a variety of specialty transportation vehicles, and trucks which include large commercial motor vehicles used to transport a variety of products. While trucking accidents still occur, J.B. Hunt was recently presented an award for safety in the trucking industry.

Landstar Ranger

Providing transportation services with an emphasis on logistics to parties located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries, Landstar System Incorporated has a strong presence in the United States. Landstar Ranger in addition to Landstar Gemini, Landstar Inway, and Landstar Ligon are divisions of Landstar System Incorporated that are focused on providing over-the-road transportation services. Landstar Ranger uses an Advance Communication System to provide real time tracking. The company additionally contains a large fleet of vehicles including 14,000 trailers. In the previous few years, Landstar Ranger has been hit with several accident cases and a loss of profit.

M.S. Carriers

In 2001, Swift Transportation purchased M.S. Carriers. This merger marked one of the largest trucking company mergers in the United States in terms of revenue. Swift Transportation has a presence in Canada, the United States, and Mexico in addition to offering a variety of services including various special types of trailers and logistics services. Judging by various accidents reports, M.S. Carriers commercial motor vehicles continue to operate under the M.S. Carriers name only with Swift Transportation ownership. Although Swift Transportation commercial motor vehicles are still involved in accidents, Swift’s website places a strong emphasis on exercising the utmost safety while driving commercial motor vehicles.

North American Van Lines

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, North American Van Lines is a large trucking company specializing in office and home relocation. Established in 1933, North American Van Lines now holds 500 agent locations throughout North America. North American Van Lines prides itself on being an industry leader and among its many firsts, the company was the first to use cran van, interactive driving  simulators to train drivers, and a shipment tracking program. North American Van Lines trucks are very distinguishable with white painting and a shadow of red, white, and blue circles crossed by a white arrow. Despite the company’s focus on safety and innovation, North American Van Lines trucks are still involved in accidents.

Overnite Transportation

On August 8, 2005, the United Parcel Service acquired Overnite Transportation for $1.25 billion. A little over a year later, on April 28, 2006, Overnight Transportation changed its name to United Parcel Service Ground Freight Incorporated and the Overnite Transportation vans were updated to reflect the United Parcel Service brown, gold, and grey color scheme and United Parcel Service logo. This acquisition was fueled in part because the less than truckload industry had become economically lucrative for larger companies. At the time that United Parcel Service acquired Overnite Transportation, Overnite Transportation was a profitable country with a strong management team. United Parcel Service’s Freight division is located in Richmond, Virginia.

Penske Logistics

Penske Logistics is a supply chain management and logistics service for Penske Truck Leasing. Headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania and founded in 1969, Penske Truck Leasing serves customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Penske Logistics’ particular services like dedicated carriage, distribution center management, transportation management, lead logistics, supply chain consulting, and freight brokerage services. Additionally, Penske Logistics is equipped to handle a variety of industries including automotive, bags of retail goods, chemical consumer products, food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, high tech and electronics, manufacturing facilities, and publishing. Penske Logistics was recently awarded the North America Corporation of the Year Award by Automotive Supply Chain magazine, but automobile accidents still occur involving Penske commercial motor vehicles.


In 1985, Roadway Package System (RPS), a division of Roadway Services, began putting barcodes on the outside of packages. The invention of barcodes on the outside of package made it possible to both track the package’s movement but also sort and bill the package more efficiently and accurately. By 1993, Roadway Package System exceeded $1 billion in annual revenue. As the company continued to provide services throughout the United State, Roadway Package System became the fastest growing ground transportation company ever. In January 2000, Roadway Package System became part of FedEx Ground after Roadway Package System’s parent company was purchased by FedEx Corporation. With its services now absorbed by FedEx Ground, Roadway Package System is now part of a company that is dedicated towards improving transit times for packages.

Ryder Integrated Logistics

Ryder Systems Incorporated is headquartered in Miami, Florida and is a transportation and supply management company. In 2014 the company did a revenue of $6.6 billion. Ryder’s speciality is dedicated contracted carriage which deals in leasing and supply chain management, fleet management which provides fleet support services, and supply chain management which oversees a customer’s supply chain. Ryder does business in a variety of areas including North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia. Rider is divided into three separate divisions: Fleet Management Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions, and Dedicated Contract Carriage. Ryder selected a new Vice President and Controller in 2015 so currently the company is undergoing a period of reorganization.

Schneider National, Inc.

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Schneider National Incorporated was founded in 1935. Schneider provides truckload, intermodal and logistic services including a variety of specialities like brokerage, bulk, cross-dock logistics, dedicated, expedited, intermodal, long-haul, regional, port logistics, and supply chain managements. Schneider National Incorporated is one of the largest truckload carriers in North America and employs 11,300 company drivers who use 9,600 company commercial motor vehicle to haul 31,000 trailers each day. With Schneider National’s large number of commercial motor vehicles, accidents do occur. In Texas, a Schneider commercial motor vehicle and drive currently face charges for allegedly running a red light and colliding with a motorist.

Swift Transportation

The largest common carrier in the United, Swift Transportation is a company based in Phoenix, Arizona and specializes in truckload motor shipping. Originating in the 1940’s, Swift Transportation now includes forty full service facilities in the United States and Mexico. Swift Transportation also owns Trans-Mex, a carrier based in Mexico. In addition to maintaining a presence in Canada and the United States, Swift also offers border crossing services at every major Mexican border crossing. Swift Transportation offers an additional variety of services including transportation for convention services, dedicated trucks, dry vans, equipment leasing and sales, expedited teams, flatbed drivers, heavy haul vehicles, refrigerated commercial vehicles, and logistics services.

United Parcel Service

Established in 1907, the United Parcel Service (also known as UPS) is the world’s largest package delivery company and provider of supply chain management solutions. The United States Parcel Service has a large footprint in the world and the company reports to do business in more than 200 countries throughout the world at a rate of 1.5 million package deliveries each day to 7.9 million customers. The United Parcel Service’s large brown van that delivers packages is associated in the minds of many customers with the company. Given the large volume of business done by the United Parcel Service, it is no surprise that the company’s vans are sometimes involved in catastrophic accidents.

United Van Lines

A subsidiary of UniGroup Incorporated, United Van Lines is a full-service American moving and relocation company. Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, United Van Lines originated in 1928 and sees over a billion dollar annual revenue. Not to mention, United Van Lines is number one in its market share. United Van Lines deals in a variety of different areas including long-distance, corporate, military, government, and automobile moves. United Van Line’s UniGroup Incorporated is also available for logistic services. United Van Lines are involved in numerous accidents each year, including most noticeably one that occurred recently in a North Carolina collision.

USF Holland

In addition to YRC Freight, YRC Reimer, New Penn, and USF Reddaway, USF Holland comprises the various brands of YRC Worldwide, which is a shipper of industrial commercial and retail goods headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. USF Holland became part of YRC Worldwide in 2005, but USF Holland’s roots go back much further in time. Founded in 1929 in Holland, Michigan, USF Holland delivers the most next-day service lanes in its area in the Southeast and Midwest. More specifically, USF Holland provides regional delivery services to twelve states and two provinces. Despite one of the lowest accident rates in the industry, accidents can and still do occur involving USF Holland commercial motor vehicles.

U.S. Xpress

Founded in 1986, U.S. Express began operations with forty eight trucks.In the early 1990’s, U.S. Xpress was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. In 2002, U.S. Xpress became a leading provider in on-demand markets. As of 2016, U.S. Xpress Enterprises is the United States’ third largest privately-owned truckload carrier. U.S. Xpress provides a variety of services including individual truckloads, team needs, dedicated driving, on-demand critical capacity, intermodal transportation, logistics, and brokerage. While U.S. Express is an industry leader, accidents involving U.S. Xpress commercial motor vehicles still occur throughout the United States.

Watkins Motor Lines

FedEx Corporation temporarily acquired Watkins Motor Lines in 2005, but Watkins Motor Line has spent nearly a century developing a company by this point in time.  Watkins Motor Line was established in 1937 to fulfill a demand for a refrigerated truckload carrier. By the 1980’s, Watkins Motor Lines was primarily devoted towards less than a truckload shipping. The company served Texas and its surrounding states under the name Watkins Motor Lines until 2006. FedEx Corporation chose to focus the Watkins Motor Lines fleet on transporting Truckload services. Today, Watkins provides services in the Eastern half of the United States in trucks that have the Watkins name on the vehicles.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is headquartered in Nebraska and is a freight carrier, transportation, and logistics company. Founded in 1956, Werner Enterprise is now a premiere transportation and logistics company. Werner Enterprises ships throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia. The company contains 7,400 trucks and 24,000 trailers with an estimated annual profit of $123.7 million. Werner offers van, flatbed, and temperature  controlled services. As of June 2016, Werner Enterprises is undergoing changes in its management with executive leadership transitions and a new board of director appointment. With its strong market presence, Werner Enterprises commercial motor vehicles are sometimes involved in roadside accidents.

YRC Worldwide

YRC Worldwide includes YRC Corporation, which is an abbreviation of Yellow Railroad Corporation. The company was formed by the partnership between Yellow Corporation and Railroad Corporation in 2003. Headquartered in the Oakland Park area of Kansas, YRC Corporation contains several subdivisions including YRC Freight, YRC Reimer, New Penn, USF Holland, and USF Reddaway. These various subdivisions are focused on shipping industrial, commercial, and retail goods and each subdivision is focused on providing services to a certain geographic area. After a series of profit losses in recent years, in 2011 Yellow Railroad Corporation financially restructured the company. YRC Worldwide recently laughed an accelerated service and it is still too early too tell how safe these services are.