Unsafe truck driving can result in a variety of collisions involving two or more vehicles. The Texas Department of Transportation classifies collisions into severals different categories including accidents involving pedestrians, two or more vehicles, parked motor vehicles, trains,  cyclists, fixed objects, and animals. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that in 2014, there 411,000 reported crashes involving large trucks.

Reasons for Unsafe Driving

There are several causes that directly contribute towards unsafe driving practices.

  • Employer Negligence. Trucking companies can contribute towards unsafe driving practices by failing to adequately screen employees against established standards. Employers might also fail to adequately train employees.
  • Commercial drivers who use fraud to obtain commercial motor vehicle licenses can create unsafe driving methods because these drivers might not be physically able or skilled enough to adequately maintain a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Improper Records. Logs that are not properly maintained can lead towards drivers who are not properly monitored.

Most Common Types of Accidents Due to Unsafe Driving

While there are many types of accidents that can occur due to unsafe driving by commercial truck drivers, the Federal Highway Administration has issued a study recognizes the most common types of unsafe driving methods that tend to cause accidents.

  • When commercial truck drivers cross lane lines near the side of passing vehicles, accidents tend to occur. Unsafe crossing can also occur when commercial truck drivers cross traffic with insufficient headway.
  • Failure to Obey. Commercial truck drivers who fail to stop for stop signs or obey other road signs tend to get into collisions with other drivers.
  • Commercial truck drivers who operate motor vehicles while impaired by alcohol or other drugs tend to cause accidents.
  • Near Accidents. Accidents tend to occur when drivers come within the proximity of striking parked vehicles on the roadside or the rear-end of other vehicles.
  • Commercial truck drivers who are in a hurry can speed, turn without sufficient room, or pass other vehicles that are in the driver’s blind spot which can lead to accidents.

Due the significant force born from the great weight of commercial motor vehicles, accidents involving these types of vehicles often tend to involve catastrophic injuries, death, and extensive property damage. When accidents do occur involving commercial motor vehicles, accident victims can sometimes pursue damages not only against the commercial truck driver but also the driver’s employer and the manufacturer of defective parts for the truck that led to the accident.

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