Dangerous Roads Causing Large Truck Accidents

The Texas Department of Transportation provides a site, DriveTexas, that strives to provide up to date information about the conditions of roads and highways. This website, however, is not enough to stop all of the truck crashes and fatalities that result due to poor road and highway conditions. Surprisingly, bad highway design and conditions are a factor in more than half the fatal crashes that occur in the United States, which amounts to a larger number than the deaths that result each year from speeding, drunk driving, or failure to use a seatbelt. This article will examine the various conditions in Texas that lead to dangerous road and highway conditions.

What Types of Dangerous Road Conditions Exist on Texas Roads and Highways?

There are a variety of conditions on roads, streets, or highways that can lead to substantial and unfortunately sometimes even fatal car accidents including:

  • Faulty Design. This group includes a variety of poor design features in the road including blind intersections, poorly timed lights, sharp curves, short or absent merge zones, and steep shoulder drop-offs.
  • Inadequate Lack of Safety Features. This category includes the absence or inadequacy of a variety of features including guard rails, rumble strips, merge zones, pedestrian crossings, and warnings about upcoming hazards. Absence of proper signage results in truck drivers who are not properly aware of road conditions.
  • Poor Road Maintenance. This third group includes a host of various poor road maintenance including broken pavement, debris on the road, fallen trees or boulders, poor road surfaces on which to control vehicles, oil and chip wear, potholes, or water accumulation. These conditions must be repaired immediately.

These factors and numerous others contribute to dangerous road conditions, which can contribute to conditions that result in truck crashes.

What Are Some Examples of Roads in Texas With Dangerous Conditions

In Texas, there are numerous roads that pose dangerous conditions. Two of the most dangerous roads in Texas include the following:

  • Interstate 35. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has conducted research demonstration from the years 2004 to 2008, there were 659 fatalities. Along Interstate 35, roadside construction is frequent which results in poor road conditions.
  • Interstate 45. Scripps Howard News Service reports that 562,712 fatal accidents occurred along Interstate 45 from 1994 to 2008.

If I Am Injured Due to Dangerous Road Conditions in Texas, What Can I Do?

The state of Texas is responsible for safe design and maintenance of roads and streets in Texas, while the federal government is tasked with designing, maintaining, and repairing interstate roads. State and federal government, however, may be protected by various legislation that shields the government from lawsuits based on dangerous conditions. Our firm will determine how to hold the involved parties accountable.

Due to the difficulty in assessing what parties to hold responsible and how the accident occurred, it is important to work a skilled lawyer who can help obtain a variety of compensation for your damages like lost wages, medical bills, and emotional distress. If you or a loved one has been injured by an accident due to dangerous roads and highway conditions, contact our law firm. Call 409-838-1000 or email our lawyers to schedule your free initial consultation.