Legal Claim for Truck Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, in Texas truck accidents are a frequent occurrence. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that while trucks account for only 4 percent of registered vehicles, trucks are involved in 12 percent of collisions. If you are involved in a truck accident, serious body and property damage are likely to occur not to mention potentially sky-high medical bills. If you decide to initiate legal action concerning the accident, one of the first steps is filing the lawsuit. The term “filing” refers to the process of registering your complaint in court which will require a document that clearly states the facts of the case and demonstrates how you have been injured due to the truck accident. Understanding the legal process is crucial to understanding how legal actions concerning truck accidents proceeds.

Prior to Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

The first concern one must have when filing a lawsuit accident is where to file the lawsuit which is influenced by where the injury occurred, where the defendant lives, and your residence.

In the event that you are a victim debating filing a lawsuit concerning a truck accident, conversing with an attorney is also necessary before filing a legal action. Not only can a skilled attorney evaluate your circumstances to provide accurate legal analysis of the accident, an attorney will also be able to contact various experts who are versed in the details of automobile accidents.

Filing A Truck Accident Lawsuit

No sufficient legal action is initiated without the filing of a truck accident reports. Truck accident reports must include a variety of information concerning facts of the case and consequential information, including:

  • Parties. A complaint should list the proper parties which in the event of a truck accident should include a variety of parties including insurance representative, opposing counsel, involved truck drivers, truck owners, motor carriers, manufacturers of defective truck parts, or freight owners.
  • In your complaint, a lawyer might include reference to various documentation including trucker logs, witness statement, service reports, or any type of other relevant evidence.
  • Relevant Laws. A series of pertinent laws concerning truck accidents address the rules and regulations that must be followed by truck drivers. These regulations concerning numerous issues including vehicle conditions, driver requirement, and the operation of commercial vehicles.

Reasons for Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Filing a complaint for a truck accident is the first requisite step in a legal action. Legal actions that result in successful outcomes can include compensation for damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional damage. The aim of legal actions is to return a victim to how he was bore an accident.

Advice When Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

A client likely numerous questions when filing an accident lawsuit including:

  • Fees are on a contingency basis, which means that one not worry about paying up front for anything including the initial consultation.
  • Costs in handling Case. There are costs involved in handling your case, but you are only obligated to pay these fees upon a successful outcome of your case.
  • Some personal injury cases are resolved prior to court, which might mean you do not have to attend a hearing.
  • The time it takes to resolve your case revolves upon a variety of factors including the complexity of your injuries and numerous other details.

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