Blind spots contribute in a number of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. The term blinds sport refers to areas where driver lose sight of nearby vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued special warnings for commercial motor vehicle, who virtually lose sight of passenger vehicles in blind spots. This article will examine the role that blind spots play in commercial motor vehicle accidents.

The Three Blind Spots on Commercial Motor Vehicles

Texas A&M University has also released publications warning that commercial motor vehicle drivers must be careful because the vehicles have numerous blind spots as a result of the vehicle’s size and height. These three blind spots are:

  • There are blind spots directly behind trucks. The reason for this blind spot is due both to the length of commercial motor vehicles and the angle of the mirrors.
  • In Front. There are blinds spots in front of a commercial motor vehicle. The cause for this blind spot is both that driver sits high in commercial motor vehicles and the vehicle’s hood might further obscure the driver’s sight.
  • Blind spots also exist on either side of commercial motor vehicles. This blind spot is caused by the length of commercial motor vehicles and the fact that these vehicles do not carry rearview mirrors to spot passengers traveling at the side.

Advice to Motorists

In 1994, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created the No-Zone program, which is designed to teach the public about the blind spots caused by buses and commercial motor vehicles. There are some basic steps that other drivers on the road can take to avoid collisions with commercial motor vehicles, which include the following:

  • Follow with a Distance. Never follow commercial motor vehicles closely. This type of driving greatly increases the amount of time that motorists spend in a commercial motor vehicle’s blind spot. Drivers should drive with even greater distance when adverse weather conditions are present.
  • Pass or Wait. Drivers who cannot quickly pass a vehicle, should wait until the driver can do so. This way the commercial motor vehicle driver will have an idea about the driver’s presence on the road. Not being patient when driving around a commercial motor vehicle can result in accidents.
  • Signal Early. Hopefully big signalling early, the commercial motor vehicle driver will be alerted to the presence of other vehicles.
  • Travel In Sight of Mirrors. If a driver is forced to travel behind a truck, the driver should take careful note of the mirrors and when possible, drive so that both mirrors of the commercial motor vehicle are visible. If these mirrors are not visible, then the commercial motor vehicle driver cannot see the driver.

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