Personal Injury

Located between the larger metropolitan areas of Houston, Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur, Winnie is a city located in Chambers County, Texas. The city is relatively small with a total area of four square miles. Winnie is also only 19 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

The population of Winnie was 3,254 at the time of the 2010 census. Personal injury related accidents and work related deaths can and do occur in Winnie despite a small amount of information concerning these accidents in 2016.

A few direct work injuries or fatalities seem to have occurred in Winnie within recent years. One of these events included a small crude oil tank that exploded blocking off several intersection points along Texas 73 and Texas 124.

Oil Tank Explosions

Individuals who work with oil rigs face dangers every day they go to work. When handling and storing oil, every piece of equipment must be handled with proper training and safety procedures must be followed to avoid injury. The most type of catastrophic danger concerning an oil tank is an explosion. While oil tank explosions are rare, these events can cause substantial damage involving personal injury and death. Some of the most common causes of oil tank explosions include fires, blowouts, equipment failure, and negligence. Due to the large amount of oil that is stored in oil tanks, fire is always the number one threat to cause an explosion.As a result of these substantial consequences, workers should exercise great caution when working around oil tanks.

Vehicle Accidents

Winnie is close to Interstate 10 while State Highways 124 and State Highway 73 runs through the center of Winnie. There were numerous accidents in Winnie’s Chambers County in 2015. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2015 in Orange County there were 16 motor vehicle crashes in work zones, 149 crashes due to distracted driving, and 10 fatalities due to commercial motor vehicle crashes forming 15 fatalities in Chambers County. Given its small size, few accidents occur in Winnie, Texas each year. Since January 2015, several accidents have occurred in Winnie. Two of the worst accidents included a single car rollover that resulted in a fatality in February 2015 and another crash in 2015 that resulted in a fatality due to a drunk driver.

Vehicle Rollovers

A rollover is a type of accident in which a vehicle tips onto its side or roof. Rollovers are often extremely violent accidents that result in either substantial physical injury or death. More than 280,000 rollovers accidents occur each year, which result in the deaths of more than 10,00 people each year. Various factors determines exactly how a rollover accident will occur, including: the vehicle type with narrower and taller vehicles more susceptible to rollovers, the speed of the vehicle with vehicles that are going fast more likely to roll over, the driver’s alcohol consumption with alcohol contributing to rollovers by impairing driver’s judgment and muscular coordination, and the location of the vehicle with vehicles traveling on rural roads more likely to roll over. In single vehicle rollovers like the one that occurred in Winnie, evidence shows that many single vehicle rollovers are likely to result in death. The government has still not attempted to mandate exactly how rollover events are mandated. Individuals who are involved in rollovers often need the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents caused by drunk drivers have a tendency to kill or injure others involved in the event. Mother Against Drunk Driving calls drunk driving the most frequently committed violent crime in America. Many of these cases include criminal charges against the offender, which will require the skill of an experienced lawyer to ensure that justice is met for the individuals who suffer first-hand by the accident. Besides the hardships of fatalities or physical injuries, drunk driving accidents can often leave substantial long term damages. This is why perhaps it is even more unfortunate that sometimes, parties fail to pick the proper legal teams and adequately seek damages in a legal case. If you are involved in a drunk driving accident, the best step that someone can take is making positive that a top level lawyer is available to pursue damages porn from the accident.

Industrial Accidents

Winnie, Texas is home to a handful of companies in a variety of industries. Some of the companies located in Winnie, Texas include Swat Construction Incorporated which serves the oil and gas industry, Renegade Industrial Supply which deals in industrial equipment supply, and Winnie Welding Works. These companies utilize a variety of machinery including cranes, forklifts, and the wide variety of equipment that is necessary for the gas and oil industry. Many various types of accidents can result from these types of industries including spinal trauma, brain injuries, lacerations, amputations, and burns. This page will stop to briefly examine worker safety in both the oil and gas and the welding industries.

Oil Industry Worker Safety

The oil and gas industry is dangerous. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that nearly 40 percent of the 663 workers killed in an oil-field relateds between 2007 and 202 were from the State of Texas. Some companies go out of their way to distort statistics regarding the safety of programs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration claims to be taking the large number of oil work fatalities seriously, but so far the agency has done little to improve standards for oil and gas workers. It seems to remain clear that oil and gas fields are some of the most deadly places for workers.  If you or a loved one have been injured while working in the oil and gas industry, do not hesitate to contact a smart and an experienced lawyer.

Welding Worker Safety

Welding is an action where two pieces of metal are joined together by the use of heat. Welding is an extremely skilled yet dangerous craft. Over 1 in 250 construction workers will experience a fatal injury from welding over a working lifetime and many other individuals will incur non-fatal injuries. Some of the most common welding accidents include burns from the extreme heat and pressure required to weld metal together, burns to the skin and damages to the eye from the electric arc created by exposure to ultraviolet radiation during welding, thermal burns produced by exposure to infrared radiation, retinal damage and other optical injuries due to exposure to intense visible light from welding. Welding accidents are best prevented by workers following a list of recommendations: protecting eyes, wearing full face shields, wearing thick gloves, keeping the welding torch pointed away from one’s face at all times, and keeping the welding torch angles so there as few stray emissions from the torch as possible. In the event of a welding accient, welders should seek seek emergency services immediately and contact an experienced attorney to make sure that full compensation is awarded.

Defective or Broken Equipment

Equipment failures can be terrifying and cause substantial harm to workers who are using the machines. Nearly any part on equipment can fail including belt conveyors, compressors, compactors, fans, food presses, gears, grinders, hydraulic hoses, and pumps. Workers who are injured by faulty equipment can likely receive compensation for their losses.

Medical Malpractice

The closest hospitals to Winnie, Texas are Winnie Community Hospital, Medical Center of Winnie, Bayside Community Hospital, and the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. When individuals attend these medical centers, individuals expect medical professionals to provide top notch medical service. Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs every year at nearly every medical center which results in injuries and sometimes even fatalities. Medical malpractice can occur during every phase of medical care including diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Patients can be harmed during surgery by the carelessness or incompetence of a surgeon or their operating staff. Malpractice can also include sub-par care to maintaining unclean or dangerous facilities. Cancer misdiagnosis is also considered malpractice.

Toxic Substances

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos was once used in a variety of situations as insulation, fire-retardant material, gaskets, floor tiles, cement, and shingles. Manufacturers of the products failed to warn others about the dangers of asbestos in causing illnesses. As a result, people who worked in many different industries were at risk for asbestos exposure. Exposure to asbestos, however, eventually causes lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other diseases. Mesothelioma is a rare and deadly type of cancer that encases the lungs, heart, and other internal organs. Clients who have been diagnosed with any type of mesothelioma should contact a mesothelioma attorney to discuss rights and ensure that the best outcome possible is reached.

Benzene Exposure

Benzene is a sweet smelling, colorless chemical that is used in the production of a variety of products including detergents, nylons, and plastics.People who work in a variety of environments from oil refineries to chemical plants have been exposed to benzene. Regular and sustained exposure to benzene can lead to several different types of leukemia in addition to several other types of cancer. If you or a loved one has been impacted by benzene exposure, it it is important to employ the services of a seasoned and experienced lawyer.