Producing ultra-low sulfur gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, jet fuel, petrochemicals, petrochemical feedstocks, asphalt, and other petroleum products, Alon’s Big Spring refinery employs around 170 employees and has a capacity of 73,000 barrels of oil a day. Compared to other refineries in the state of Texas, Alton’s Big Spring refinery is considered to be a small to medium sized refinery but several accidents due to a variety of causes have occurred at the location in recent history.

The History of Big Spring Refinery

Originally constructed in 1928, the refinery at Big Spring has been in operation for more than seventy five years. The company, Alon, acquired ownership of the Big Spring factory in August of 2000 when Alon Israel Oil Company Limited purchased the United States fuels marketing and refining assets of Atofina Petrochemicals Incorporated. An independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products that operates primarily in the western and south-central areas of the United States including Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, southern Oklahoma, and west Texas. Alon is perhaps best known as the largest license of 7-Eleven in the United States. The Big Spring refinery is the only plant that Alon operates in Texas, with the company also operating several plants throughout the state of California.

Explosions at Big Spring Refinery

Explosions are a particular risk for workers at the Big Spring refinery. In February of 2008, an explosion occurred at Alon’s Big Spring refinery. The explosion was particularly catastrophic and required portions of the nearby Interstate 20 to be shut down. A passing motorist on Interstate 20 was even injured when a projectile caused by the explosion struck the driver’s vehicle. Four other motorists were injured in this explosion. One of the accidents victims was so severely injured by burns from the explosion that hospitalization was required. The explosion occurred due to a negligence issue with a propylene splitter unit in the area of the refinery that manufactures propane and propylene. Some of the various other ways in which refinery explosion occur include: defective products, inadequate employee training, lack of sufficient safety warnings, negligent contractors or subcontractors, or unsafe handling of chemicals.

Fires at Big Spring Refinery

There is a significant risk of fires occurring at Alon’s Big Spring refinery. In 2013, a fire broke out at the Big Spring refinery due to a leak located at the bottom of a vacuum tower. One accident victim required medical treatment at a nearby hospital due to smoke inhalation, which is one of the many types of injuries that can be incurred by individual harmed by fires at at Alon’s Big Spring refinery. Although the fire was fortunately minor in nature, but there is always a risk of large scale fires occurring at refineries like Big Spring.

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