Like any other company, insurance companies are focused on making money which means that after commercial motor vehicle accidents,  insurance companies tend to pay out as little in damages in possible to accident victims. While experienced lawyers can help accident victims negotiate with victims and obtain the amount of compensation, this is just one reason that a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer can improve invaluable during litigation involving a commercial motor vehicle accident. This article will examine the relationship between commercial vehicle insurance and truck accident cases with examples of how skilled lawyers can help accident victims cope with various problems that arise along the way.

  • Avoid Temptation to Settle Quickly. Accident victims must resist settling quickly with insurance companies because doing so often results in the victim losing the amount of money that the victim deserves. A seasoned lawyer will be able to negotiate a better price for compensation with an insurance company.
  • Higher Than Average Insurance Limits. Fortunately, commercial motor vehicles are required by various regulations to carry insurance with higher limits than standard passenger vehicles, which means that a skilled attorney can likely fight for the adequate compensation that an accident victim deserves.
  • Large Amounts of Records. Trucking companies frequently carry complicated insurance policies that can be difficult to decipher. A skilled truck accident lawyer can review these files which include driver histories, driver logs, employment paperwork, and maintenance reports,
  • Multiple Parties. Commercial motor vehicles accidents can involve multiple parties each with insurance through separate companies. A settlement might be more complicated and deciding what party contributes what amount towards the accident victim might prove difficult. A skilled commercial vehicle accident lawyer, however, will understand how to best decide insurance issues regarding multiple parties.
  • MCS-90 Endorsement. This aspect of insurance is required to be included in any insurance policy covering a commercial motor vehicle. An MCS-90 is a guarantee that ensures others that there will be a payment source for losses in which the insured was legally liable even if the applicable insurance policy did not cover these terms.
  • No Two Accidents Are The Same. Accident victims should never fall into the trap of thinking that because a specific amount was awarded in another motor vehicle accident that this is what the victim deserves. A truck accident lawyer is skilled at making individual assessments based on the facts of each commercial motor vehicle accident to determine the financial amount that an accident victim deserves.
  • Three Times Medical Bills. There is an incorrect repeated piece of information that an accident victim should request three times the victim’s medical bills. This measurement is in no way an accurate or good indicator of how much compensation an accident victim deserves. Sometimes, an accident victim deserves much more compensation and other times an accident victim deserves much less in damages.

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