Commercial Truck Injuries

Injuries due to truck accidents are frequently serious or deadly in nature, which results in significant costs due to medical bills, physical pain, and emotional scars. In fact, more people have died in large truck accidents over the last 45 years than domestic commercial airline crashes. Truck accidents are also almost 10 times more likely to kill you than car accidents. This article will explore the most common accidents due to truck accidents for which an accident can help you recover damages.

Common Injuries

There are numerous injuries that occur due to automobile accidents, including:

  • Brain Damage. Accidents can include brain damage, a serious and often permanent injury.
  • When trucks carry large amounts of fuel, crashes frequently result in fires. Also cars that collide at extreme speeds can result in fires. Serious burns involve intense pain and a significant amount of rehabilitation.
  • Broken Bones. The collision of massive forces involved in truck accidents frequently results in broken bones. Broken ribs can also result from accidents. Not to mention, accident victims can suffer broken necks due to the impact of the accident. Severe accidents can even lead to multiple broken bones.
  • Emotional Damage. Besides physical damages, truck accidents can also involve significant emotional damage including potentially Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Head Injuries. Rather born from whiplash or instant speed changes, these injuries can result in substantial and permanent injuries to the brain. Even without head injury, whiplash can lead to immobility for a year.
  • Internal Bleeding. This types of injury is one of the most difficult to treat and must be tended to immediately.
  • Some of the most serious lacerations born from car accidents may never heal.
  • Loss of a limb: Occasionally accident involve the loss of a body part like an arm or leg. These wounds are often long, painful ones that frequently require the addition of prosthetic limbs. The loss of a limb can affect virtually every aspects of an individual’s daily life.
  • Neck Injuries. These are critical injuries, which often result in missed work. Herniated discs can also lead to lasting injuries.
  • Organ Damage
  • Seat Belt Injuries. While a necessary life-saving device, seat-belts worn during injuries can also result in severe conditions like whiplash.
  • Toxic Exposure
  • Spinal Damage. These especially insufferable consequences can lead to paralysis or loss of mobility. In some accidents, spinal cords can be crushed or severely damaged often requiring long term rehabilitation.


Although quite painful, one can survive virtually all of these accidents. Fatalities, however, are an unfortunate consequence of numerous truck accident. The United States Department of Transportation’s report demonstrates that in 2012, there were over 60 deaths due to truck accidents. The death of a loved one, while emotionally damaging, can also result in substantial medical bills.

Treatment of These Injuries

The severity of these injuries frequently results in expensive medical bills and permanent disability. If these injuries are due to the negligence of a truck drive, you are entitled to compensation to recover your damages including medical bills.

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