Industrial Injury

Refineries are noisy, loud and, sometimes, dangerous working environments. In these conditions, it is unfortunately common for employees of oil and gas refineries to suffer serious injuries or even death. If you have been seriously injured in a refinery accident, you may be unable to support yourself or your family. You probably also have major medical expenses. At Reaud, Morgan & Quinn, we have immense respect for every person who works in a refinery. Our Beaumont law firm has represented many individuals who have been severely injured in refinery accidents. We also represent surviving family members in wrongful death claims.In refineries, there is always some risk of an explosion. Explosions can cause severe burn injuries and other catastrophic injuries. Many people in refineries work at great heights. Falls from these heights can cause death or, at a minimum, life-changing injuries.

Workers in a refinery also face the risk of exposure to certain chemicals, which can cause lung damage and other injuries. Unbelievably, certain industrial products, such as asbestos, are still present in refineries. Diseases caused by exposure to these substances can appear decades after one was initially exposed.

In some cases, workers’ compensation may be your only legal remedy. If someone other than your employer is at fault for your injuries, you can bring a personal injury claim as well. Our attorneys have a full understanding of the laws that apply in these types of claims. We will work to recover every available source of compensation for your injuries, and will take every step within the law to maximize your damages.

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