Product Liability Cases In Port Arthur

Corporations in Port Arthur do not always make safety a central concern. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commision reports that there are two to three hundred product recalls every year. Defective products have the potential to cause substantial injuries and in some cases can even result in death. Fortunately, several types of legal actions for product liability can be brought against a variety of parties including parts manufacturers, product manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.

Port Arthur Defective Design Cases

One type of product liability action can be taken against product that are dangerous due to defective designs. Because the defect in question is part of the product’s design, all products manufactured with that design have the same effect. Some examples of defectively designed products include smartphones that explode or catch on fire, motor vehicles with defective ignition switches that lead to accidents, and defectively designed helmets that crack and cause head injuries.

Defective Manufacturing Cases In Port Arthur

Defective manufacturing cases occur when a product is assembled improperly or another type of error occurs during the production process. In these cases, if a product had been manufactured as a corporation intended, there would be no defect. When manufacturing defects occur, only the products that were subjected to the faulty manufacturing process are defective. A computer manufactured with faulty wires that cause fires is one example of a manufacturing defect.

Port Arthur Inadequate Warning Or Instruction Cases

Consumers are able to pursue claims against a manufacturer who sells a product without warning consumers about the potentially dangerous elements of a product. When a product is unable to be made entirely safe, consumers must be warned about the risks associated from certain uses of the product. A medical device that does not contain adequate documentation about all potential risks or dangers created by use of the product is one example of a failure to warn case.

Common Defective Products in Port Arthur

There are a wide range of products used by consumers in the Port Arthur that could potentially be defective in nature. Some examples of defective products include motor vehicles with defective seat belts, children’s toys that create choking hazards, dangerous drugs with unknown side effects, power tools that are poorly designed, home appliances that explode or cause fire, chemical products that have unintended warnings, and dangerous household products that have unmentioned but dangerous consequences. Two of the most important pieces of advice that individuals who are injured by defective products must remember is to not throw away the product away after an occurs and to retain all documentation about the product.

Reasons To Contact A Skilled Port Arthur Product Liability Attorney

If you have been injured by a defective, contact an experienced product liability attorney who can fight for adequate compensation.