Personal Injury

Newton County is the easternmost county in Texas and its county seat is Newton, which is named after a veteran of the American Revolutionary War. The easternmost county in Texas, Newton County is considered part of the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical area. The five largest areas in Newton County include Newton, Deweyville, Bon Wier, Burkeville, and South Toledo Bend.

As of the 2010 census, the population of Newton County was 14,445. As of 2000, Newton County had the second lowest population density for all counties in East Texas. Personal injury related accidents and work related deaths occur in Newton County. Newton has seen numerous personal injury accidents, but some of the most recent injuries include:

  • An ATV driver who died when the vehicle flipped over.
  • A man was severely injured in a gas explosion.
  • Wildfires of unknown causes burned over 200 acres.
  • A flood damaged much of the Newton County area including two homes that caught on fire when electricity was restored to the residences.

ATV Accidents

A surprising number of ATV accidents occur each year. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s investigations reveal that eight hundred individuals are killed due to ATV accidents each year in the United States. ATV accidents occur due to a number of reasons including individuals who operate ATVs while intoxicated which impairs an individual’s ability to safely operate the vehicle, speed on ATVs without wearing proper safety equipment, and ride ATVs for off road road where the vehicle can be easily ruined. Sometimes, ATV accidents occur due to broken or defective parts in the vehicle. Individuals who have been injured by an ATV accident should consult with a lawyer experienced in handling similar cases to ensure that the individual receives any possible compensation from the accident.

Burn Accidents

Serious burns can potentially impact individuals for the rest of the individual’s life by causing long-term substantial pain in addition to scars of both a mental and physical nature. Several of the most substantial causes of burn accidents include building fires, chemical burns from dangerous chemicals like car battery acid, electrical accident burns from various electrical sources like electrical outlets and power lines, hot liquid scalding from burning hot liquids, fumes from combustible materials like gasoline and certain aerosols. In some cases, when burns are caused by the negligence of another party, victims might be able to obtain compensation for damages and losses related to the burn. Victims who suffer from burns should speak to legal counsel to see if any compensation can obtained for injuries incurred from the accident.

House Fires Due to Electrical Wiring

In 2016, a flood struck Newton County particularly hard and left many devastating consequences. Two houses were burned to the ground after the electricity was restored to the houses after the flood. This fire represents just one of the ways that a house can burn down. Thousands of house fires occur every year due to faulty wiring. To make sure that individuals are aware of the warning signs of house fires, it is important the individuals learn the most common reasons why house fires occur. Signs of faulty wiring include breakers that are frequently tripped, buzzing switches and outlets, lights that flicker, and the smell of burning. Victims who have been injured due to a house fire should seek out the services of a skilled lawyer.

Vehicle Accidents

List of Road Interstates in Newton County

Newton County is served by numerous highways including United States Highway 190 and State Highways 12, 62, 63, and 87. Newton County is also served by Recreational Road 255. Not to mention, there are numerous smaller roads throughout Newton County.

Accidents in Newton County

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2015 in Newton County there were 3 fatalities related to drive under the influence, 193 motor vehicle collisions in work zones, 1 fatality due to a distracted driver, 2 fatalities due to collisions involving commercial motor vehicles, forming 27 fatalities in the county involving motor vehicles. Newton County saw several motor vehicle crashes since December 2015 including:

  • An automobile went out of control, struck a tree, and caught on fire.
  • A commercial motor vehicle that overturned causing a road obstruction.
  • A car that was injured in a collision with a train.
  • A car that caught on fire and was severely damaged due to unknown reasons.
  • A log truck that turned over and lost its load.
  • A driver who over corrected a truck causing the vehicle to roll over.

Train Accidents

In industrial areas, trains are essential for transporting heavy material. While not common, there is always the possibility that a car can collide with a train. Trains are massive and weight a significant amount, especially when loaded with cargo. Even at low speeds, motor vehicle crashes involving trains frequently result in substantial injuries or fatalities. Some of the frequent injuries incurred in collisions between trains and motor vehicles include brain damage and amputations. Common reasons a person driving a motor vehicle might be struck by a train include defective or inadequate safety controls, a distracted train conductor, an inexperienced or negligent train conduct. Train accidents frequently involve complex analysis to determine the exact cost of finances that are due. When individuals are involved in train accidents while driving motor vehicles, it is essential to seek out the services of skilled legal counsel.

Cargo Spills

Commercial motor vehicles are responsible for transporting a variety of cargo. Given the substantial weight of cargo in addition to the frequently dangerous nature of the materials being transported, there are numerous laws in place in an effort to make the transportation of these materials as safe as possible. The law addresses the inspection of vehicles transporting goods, that loads are secured correctly, and weight limits for cargo that is transported. Federal law requires drivers to inspect cargo within the first fifty miles of a haul to make sure any necessary adjustments are made and then check cargo after either driving for three hours or one hundred fifty miles, whichever comes first. When cargo likes logs or concrete pipes are transported, these spills can be substantially devastating. When victims are involved in accidents involving cargo that has spilled from commercial motor vehicles, it is essential for victims do not hesitate to contact a seasoned and experienced lawyer.

Industrial Accidents

Newton County lacks any major industrial centers. Instead, Newton County contains several smaller business including Newco Metal Works and several construction companies. These companies primarily use electrical equipment like forklifts, cranes, and other heavy machinery in addition to hand tools to perform skilled trades like welding.

Defective or Broken Equipment

A product that is sold to the public should be safe and suitable for the product’s intended use. When products turn out to be defective or broken, the results can have substantial negative consequences including death or injury. These injuries can include brain injury, burns, paralysis, amputation, or other serious harms. Some examples of the most common types of products that turn out to be defective include airbags which fail to safely protect individuals who are involved in automobile crashes, automobiles which contain parts that make the vehicle unsafe for driving on the road, seatbelts which are defectively designed to protect individual’s lives, tires that fail to operate properly, car seats that are dangerously defective at protecting children, prescription drugs, defibrillators, implantable medical devices, and portable generators. If individuals are harmed by broken or defective products, an experienced product liability lawyer can prove essential in ensuring that the client receives adequate compensation for the harms that the individual suffered due to the product.

Medical Malpractice

The closest hospital to Newton, Texas is Sabine County Hospital. There are several other hospitals that are slightly further away from Newton. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can occur at any hospital or medical facility where an individual receives care. The term medical malpractice refers to any treatment or lack of treatment that fails to adhere to established medical code and negatively impacts the patient. To prevail in a medical malpractice case, the victim must establish that the medical provider was negligent, causation between the medical provider’s act and the resulting harm, and that the victim was injured. The most common types of medical malpractice include failure to timely diagnose a condition, birth injuries, mistakes made in an emergency room, improper diagnosis, surgical errors like leaving a foreign object inside a patient, and errors involving prescription medicine. Medical malpractice can occur among all medical providers, not just doctors. It is important to retain the services of a lawyer experienced and seasoned in medical malpractice if an individual turns out to need medical care.

Toxic Substances

There are certain established medical standards designed to dictate the way that toxic waste is disposed of by corporations. Companies, however, do not always abide by these standards and when companies fail to do so, toxic waste can substantially harm and even kill a number of individuals who interact with the material.

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. For years, asbestos was used in a variety of products like insulation without the knowledge that asbestos can cause a variety of diseases including several types of cancer. When asbestos is disturbed, the product’s fibers become airborne and may be inhaled into an individual’s lungs.


Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that attacks the lining of various body organs. Mesothelioma often takes decades to present itself after an individual is exposed to asbestos. If a victim develops mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure, the individual should contact an experienced and established mesothelioma lawyer who will ensure that the victim receives the maximum amount of compensation.

Benzene Exposure

Benzene is a sweet smelling, clear liquid that is used in a variety of products including some detergents. There are many similarities between asbestos and benzene. Much like asbestos, benzene was widely used as a product for many years before the government became aware of the dangers associated with the product. Also like asbestos, benzene causes a variety of diseases after a period of latency during which no signs of the disease are visible.