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8/13/2016 Report – A flash fire at Sunoco Logistics plant in Port Arthur caused 7 victims to be transported to local hospitals for burn treatment.  Four individuals were critically injured.  If you or someone you know sustained a serious injury contact us today.

Personal Injury

Located in Jefferson County, Nederland served as “the Golden Triangle” which comprises Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange. Nederland is adjacent to the Jack Brooks Regional Airport in Port Arthur, which serves the nearby cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur. Nederland is also about 90 miles east of Houston.

The Risk of Personal Injuries in Nederland

Although Nederland was recently named number ninety in the safest cities in Texas, personal injury related accidents and work related deaths can and still do occur in Nederland. At the time of the 2010 census, Nederland featured a population of 17,547 residents. Some of these Nederland residents are injured in work injuries and accident. Reports of these deaths and injuries, however, are hard to come by on a case by case basis. No direct work injuries or fatalities seem to have occurred in Nederland within the last year. No explosions of note appear to have occurred in Nederland in recent years. There also appear to have been no records of collapsed structures in the Nederland.

The Various Dangers Present in Nederland

Nederland is only 5.9 square miles but many accidents occur within the area. Several fires have occurred in the Nederland area in recent years including several fires which have mostly entirely destroyed homes but fortunately not destroyed the residents living within the home. It should be noticed that while none of these events have occurred in recent history in Nederland, given the potentially faulty building codes, the adverse weather conditions, and a variety of other elements that can give rise to the dangerous conditions, it is imperative that others are aware of these dangerous conditions. Collapsed structures, fires, and explosions do more, however, than just damage and destroy property.

Resultant Nederland Injuries

These events can cause a variety of personal injuries including substantial burns, and even death to individuals who are involved. The receipt of medical care for these conditions is often painful, complicated, expensive, and in the worst cases leave individuals with life impairments that can impair individuals for life. When these fires, explosions, or injuries are the result of someone else’s careless actions, these events can prove particularly frustrating. Fortunately, the law permits individuals who have been injured through similar means to recover damages from these various accidents.

Vehicle Accidents

Roads and Highways in Nederland

Nederland is served by a variety of roads which include United States Highway 69, United States Highway 287, United States Highway 96, State Highway 347 and FM 365. Each year, a variety of motor vehicle accidents occur on each of these state highways.

Nederland Roadside Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation provides some statistics regarding motor vehicle accidents that occurred in Nederland’s Jefferson County. In 2015, Jefferson County saw 1 fatal motor vehicle collision, 725 motor vehicle collisions, 2 fatal commercial motor vehicle crashes, and 339 commercial motor vehicle crashes. Since January 2016, several commercial motor vehicle, passenger car, and motorcycle collisions have occurred throughout the area.

Motorcycle Accidents in Nederland

While commercial motor vehicle accidents and passenger car collisions cause substantial injuries, it should be noted that while motorcycles are becoming a popular source of entertainment, motorcycles pose substantial dangers to riders by leaving riders vulnerable to exposed eternal elements, other vehicles, roadway infrastructures, and roadside elements that can arise suddenly. Injured motorcyclists will likely be required to show that other motorists drove negligently which caused motorcycle accidents. Because motorcyclists are not protected by a vehicle’s frame and exterior, motorcycle riders who are involved in accident typically sustain substantial injuries including spinal cord damages, brain trauma, broken bones, and contusions. These injuries can substantially impair a motorcyclist’s ability to perform daily activities in additional to substantially greater impairments that can prevent motorcyclists was performing substantial living activities.

Industrial Accidents

Nederland List of Manufacturers

Nederland is home to a variety of industries including manufacturers, healthcare employers, and oil companies. Some of the largest employers in Nederland include Phillpott Motors, Mid Jefferson County Extended Care Hospital, Time Warner, and Sun Oil Company. The variety of these industries mean that a wide arrange of industrial accidents occur in Nederland. While Philbott Motors services vehicle, Mid Jefferson County Extended Care Hospital provides healthcare services, Time Warner is a telecommunications company, and Sun Oil Company exists as an oil refinery company. While no news reports as yet exist in 2016 concerning the various industrial accidents incurred by Nederland workers, these dangers still remain substantial threats to native workers and residents of Nederland.

The Threat for Oil Workers in Nederland

The continued activity in the oil industry can take a heavy toll on oil workers, who work long and stressful hours in a dangerous occupation that is prone to accident. Oil workers are involved in a wide variety of accidents which include oil fires and explosions, defects in machinery and other equipment, rig collapses, exposure to toxic chemicals, well blowouts, and falling objects. These conditions can result in a variety of burns, brain trauma, spinal cord injury, loss of limbs, and paralysis which can great impact livelihood and impair daily existence. Keep in mind that oil workers are not the only party that are injured in Nederland each year, but this section focuses primarily on oil care workers.

The Risk for Telecommunication Workers

Telecommunications workers risk a variety of risks which include falling from the great height of wire towers, electrical hazards from wires that might be exposed to the elements, structural collapses from these telecommunications towers, and workers on the ground who are struck by falling objects. When these injuries do occur, telecommunications workers need top legal representation.

Defective or Broken Equipment

Types of Equipment Injuries

Recently a crane fell into the Neches River after the riverbank gave way on the banks of Sunoco’s Nederland facility. When injuries result from broken or defective equipment, claims almost certainly exist at employers. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that employees are safe and that the regulations that are in place prevent employees from getting hurt. So if you are an employee who falls off a chair or receives an electrical shock from faulty writing, you are able to bring a claim. The danger does not need to be obvious. The responsibilities on the employer are high and designed to ensure that standards of safety at work are maintained at the highest standards.

Injuries Related to Equipment

Given that Nederland is home to a variety of economics, workers can potentially be susceptible to a large array of work related injuries. The types of broken equipment with risks include defective equipment that requires a repair, poorly maintained ladders that could collapse under any circumstances, uncovered moving parts of a machine, workers who are assigned the wrong equipment to complete the job at hand, workers who are not properly trained on how to use specific equipment, metal equipment that is use around electrical work, equipment with deteriorated insulation, and use of defective mechanical equipment. Workers who use defective or broken equipment can incur a variety of injuries which include loss of memory, damaged bone, spinal cord injuries, hearing loss, sight problems, electrical burns, cuts, crushes, amputations due to mechanical parts, brain damage, and fatalities.

Medical Malpractice

List of Nederland Hospital

Nederland includes Mid Jefferson County Extended Care Hospital that employs 138 people. There are other nearby hospital facilities, but Mid Jefferson County Extended Care serves the majority of residents in the Nederland area.

Types of Medical Malpractice

A skilled lawyer is necessary in handling medical malpractice claims that might result from treatment at the medical facilities in Nederland. Medical malpractice is divided into four main types of malpractice: misdiagnosis, surgery mismanagement, birth injury, and medication errors. Misdiagnosis occurs when a physician fails to follow up on subtle but revealing signs of an illness for symptoms like cancer and heart disease. Surgery mismanagement includes doctors who perform surgical techniques improperly and thereby injure additional organs. No small organ or condition is immune from surgical malpractice. Birth injury cases involve failure by medical professionals to appropriate diagnose and treat complications that arise during birth. Medication errors include cases when patients are given the wrong medicine. Sometimes, other patients are given overdoses of the proper medication. Other times, medical staff fails to ensure that the patient’s dosages of powerful medications are appropriately adjusted to situations.

Toxic Substances


Nederland’s elementary schools have recently been required to eliminate the risk of asbestos exposure. Not to mention, asbestos is commonplace in the workplace for workers at Pure Oil Refinery, Sunoco Terminal, UNOCAL Oil Plant, and Velsicol Chemical Plant. Asbestos exposure has been linked to a variety of diseases and illnesses. Many of these conditions can take years to manifest. Many individuals who are exposed to asbestos are entitled to compensation.


Mesothelioma lawyers are also important. One of the most well-known illnesses caused by asbestos exposure is mesothelioma, a cancer of the protective lining around worker’s lungs, heart and abdominal organs. This cancer is dangerous because it is too late for most individuals by the time the individuals begin to notice the early signs of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma lawyers are essential in determining the amount of exposure and the litigation steps that individuals should take in pursuing damages. Although mesothelioma is the most common hazard associated with asbestos exposure, there are still many other diseases linked to asbestos exposure.