Three Oaks Mine was purchased by Luminant Mining, a subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings, from Aluminum Company of America in 2007.

In April of 2014, Energy Future Holdings filed bankruptcy and the company still appears to be working through the bankruptcy process. At the end of 2016, Luminant Mining Company closed several plants in the area with continued operations announced at the Turlington Mine in Freestone County, Kosse Mine in Limestone County and Three Oaks, which is located in Lee County.

The Three Oaks mine provides coal to Alcoa’s very large facility, an aluminum plant and its three nearby power plants located near the town of Rockdale. Reports show that the mine operates on nearly 16,000 acres.

Common Incidents at Three Oaks Mine

Three Oaks Mine was awarded a Safety Award for Large Operator Surface Mines by the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute in 2014. The mine was selected from among its peer due to its total zero incident rate and continued history of safety for mine workers.

Furthermore, the only reports and citations that the Mine Safety and Health Administration has on file  about the Three Oaks mine include modifications that the mine sought in regards to alterations in its daily functions.

There is still a potential, however, that accidents have occurred at Three Oaks Mine that were simply not reported by the mine.

Despite this relatively safe record, various environmental groups, however, including the Sierra Club have protested the amount of pollution created at Three Oaks.

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