Texas Westmoreland Coal Company’s Jewett Mine is a 35,000 acre surface mine that is located between Dallas and Houston. The Westmoreland Coal Company is the oldest independent coal company in the United States, and the Jewett Mine has been in existence for several decades.

As a four pit operation that provides lignite, a type of coal, to a nearby Limestone Electric Generating Station, the plant has a capacity to provide up to 6.5 million tons of lignite on an annual basis. The mine is considered to be one of the largest coal mines in the state of Texas.

In 2016, the Jewett Company announced that its mine would be closing which will result in the elimination of the 250 employees who work at the mine. The motivation for this decision was made because the company that owns Jewett Mine has decided to switch to another type of coal variety, low-sulfur coal, which is available from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

Types of Accidents that Have Occurred at Jewett Mine

In its several decade history, there were several particularly serious accidents occurred at the Jewett Mine, which include the following:

  • In April of 2013, a worker received a severe laceration requiring stitches when the worker’s hand became caught in the shaft of a roller.
  • In October of 1986, a worker was fatally injured due to blunt force and asphyxiation at the Jewett Mine when a mining wall collapsed because rain and weather conditions had severely weakened the condition of the soil.

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