The South Hallsville No. 1 Mine, which is owned by the North American Coal Corporation, is a surface mining operation located in Hallsville, Texas.

North American Coal Corporation is the largest ignite coal product in the United States as well as one of the largest producers of any type of coal. The mine employs approximately two hundred fifty employees who are tasked with providing approximately four million tons annually to the nearby H.W. Pirkey Power Plant, a 675 megawatt generating plant.

South Hallsville No. 1 Mine in 2007 was ranked as the 48th largest coal mine in the United States.

Types of Accidents at South Hallsville No. 1

The only incident that occurred at South Hallsville No. 1. and was documented by the Mine Safety and Health Administration concerns the 2013 death of a truck driver who was operating a 240 ton coal haul truck that left the road and ended up in a pond. Emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident but pronounced the driver dead at the scene of the accident. This accident was determined to not be the responsibility of the mine operating company, which at the time was still owned by North American Coal, because the driver had died of natural causes. This accident serves as a reminder that mine accidents can occur at unexpected times.

As a surface facility, much care must be taken due to the significant risk of serious injuries and fatalities that can be caused by flying rocks from explosive blasts that are conducted in order to performing. A significant number of workers are struck each year by standing close to debris after standing too close to the explosion or debris traveling further than anticipated.

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