A surface operation in Panola County, TX, the Beckville Strip Mine is operated by Luminant Mining.  Luminant is the largest generator of electricity in the state of Texas as well as the state’s leading lignite coal manufacturer. Luminant is a division of the parent company, Energy Future Holdings.

At the beginning of 2016, the Luminant Mining Company announced that the Beckville Strip Mine was in the process of being closed along with the company’s Monticello and Thermo mines, which are two of the company’s other mines that were located in northeast Texas. Luminant began by laying off 80 workers. As a reason for its decision to close the mines, the company cited current business environments.

Accidents at Beckville Strip Mine

Like other coal mines, there is a history of accidents occurring at the Beckville Strip Mine. These injuries have resulted in serious injuries. Some of the more recent examples of accidents that have occurred at the location include the following:

  • In January of 2013, an employee at the mine was repairing a dragline when the worker’s finger became caught in the machinery resulting in a serious injury to the worker.
  • In June of 2013, a dirt slide at the mining site occurred but fortunately none of the Beckville Strip Mine workers were injured in this event. Dirt slides can seriously injure and even kill coal mine workers.
  • In July of 2013, a worker was performing maintenance on a piece of heavy machinery resulting in a piece of equipment to slip and cause the worker to fall, which resulted in the worker requiring assistance.

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