Can Asbestos Exposure Cause Prostate Cancer?

In general, the bulk of scientific research to date does not support a causal connection between asbestos exposure and prostate cancer.

However, research on the topic remains relatively scarce, and the medical research community has not come to the conclusion that no connection between prostate cancer and asbestos exposure exists—only that more research must be conducted.

For example, one study conducted in Belgium found that rates of prostate cancer among the asbestos-exposed manual workers in the shipping industry under consideration were twice as high as the broader population studied.  On the other hand, a doctor testifying under oath to Congress asserted that “no evidence of a significant association with asbestos exposure or no dose-response effects” was found in cohort studies focusing on asbestos exposure and its relationship with prostate cancer.

Most experts agree that “a lucid understanding of this plausible connection would only be achieved through further research and analysis.”

H2 VA and Legal Decisions Support Asbestos-Related Prostate Cancer Claims

Although the research community is unable to conclude a causal connection between prostate cancer and asbestos, civil courts and the Veteran’s Administration compensation boards have both confirmed the possibility of a link between prostate cancer, and granted compensation claims to patients and veterans who developed prostate cancer as a result of exposure during their course of duty. The success of these claims is largely based on the testimony of a competent medical expert, and the odds of filing a successful claim are greatly enhanced when plaintiffs conscript an attorney with particular experience in asbestos-related litigation.