Located in Lufkin, Woodland Heights Medical Center is focused on providing medical care to individuals in East Texas and the Pineywoods. Woodland Heights Medical Center offers 115 beds and reports over 22,100 visits each year to its emergency room. The hospital also has over 5,000 admissions each year as well as 2,139 inpatient and 3,617 outpatient surgeries. The hospital offers a bariatric surgery center, cardiac care center, diagnostic imaging, level II neonatal intensive care unit, mammography, orthopedic services, a sleep disorders laboratory, a woman’s center, and a wound care center.

Medical Malpractice at Woodland Heights Medical Center

There have been a number of medical malpractice reports linked to Woodland Heights Medical Center over the years. While many of the reports do not translate into lawsuits, they can include hospital inspection violations where the treatment of patients deviates from accepted norms of practice.  An example includes a patient that was documented as having an Adverse Drug Reaction. Based on these finding the nursing staff failed to act on behalf of the patient and provide routine nursing care. Another violation revealed the nursing staff on multiple occasions infused a patient with the incorrect Intravenous fluids. Nursing staff failed to follow physicians’ orders.  Common medical malpractice lawsuits arise because of patients who are provided an incorrect amount of medication, not adequately warned about the risks associated with a surgery, experience serious complications as the result of a surgery, or are not properly diagnosed by medical professionals.

Woodland Heights Medical Center’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Lufkin is the county seat of Angelina County and home to Lufkin Industries and the Atkinson Candy Company. In 2009, Lufkin became home to the first biomass power plant in the state of Texas. Some of the other employers in the city include Pilgrim’s Pride, and Temple-Inland Forest Products, Workers at these companies and several others are faced with a variety of daily risks. One of the risks are the many medical conditions including respiratory illnesses that can be caused by exposure to toxic substances. Mesothelioma is one particularly deadly disease which is caused by direct exposure to asbestos. While companies no longer are permitted to use asbestos in buildings, there are still many old buildings that contain these materials and present a significant risk to Lufkin workers. Another very deadly illness is lung cancer, which can be caused by exposure to a variety of deadly substances.

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Medical malpractice has the potential to severely injure and even kill patients. If you are harmed by medical malpractice at Woodland Heights Medical Center or any other hospital, call our law office today.