In 2012, the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston opened its Children’s Hospital. The Children’s Hospital offers 50 inpatient beds, 12 pediatric intensive care unit beds, 30 newborn beds, and 42 high acuity beds. The hospital is located on the 10th floor of John Sealy Hospital. The University of Texas Medical Branch has long been recognized for its leading practice in pediatrics. In 1915, the University of Texas Medical Branch constructed the first children’s hospital in the state of Texas. Hurricane Ike resulted in the closure of the Children’s Hospital with the University of Texas Medical Branch’s pediatric services being temporarily relocated to elsewhere in the hospital.

Medical Malpractice at the University of Texas Medical Branch Children’s Hospital

Medical malpractice has the potential to seriously harm individuals. Any type of medical care that does not meet the industry’s standard of care is at risk of being considered medical malpractice. There have been several claims of medical malpractice occurring at the Children’s Hospital. One of the most common types of pediatric malpractice is misdiagnosis, which can result in children being made much worse. Another common type of pediatric malpractice error occurs when children are prescribed in the incorrect type or amount of medication.

Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses at the Children’s Hospital

There are several types of illnesses which are most commonly faced by children in the state of Texas. One of these illnesses includes respiratory related conditions including bronchitis, pneumonia, and several types of cancer. While lung cancer is relatively rare in children, one common type of lung cancer are congenital conditions. The likelihood of mesothelioma and lung cancer is also significantly heightened for children in comparison to adults because the lungs and bodies of children are still developing. The Children’s Hospital is located in Galveston, which is home to a number of industries and buildings that used asbestos prior to federal legislation.

Obtain the Assistance of a Seasoned Texas Medical Malpractice Attorney

When medical malpractice occurs at the Children’s Hospital or any other medical facility in the state of Texas, the assistance of an experienced attorney can prove beneficial.