Established in 1919, the Houston Methodist Hospital is the largest hospital at Houston Methodist.The hospital operates as an outreach ministry of Methodist Episcopal Church and also functions as a teaching hospital. The Methodist Hospital focuses on many different types of specialties including cancer, cardiovascular, epilepsy, and organ transplant services. The hospital relocated to the Texas Medical Center in 1951. In 2013, the hospital changed its name from The Methodist Hospital System to Houston Methodist.

Medical Malpractice at The Methodist Hospital

Medical malpractice encompasses any type of medical treatment that falls below the accepted level of medical care. There are a number of medical malpractice claims that have been made against the Methodist Hospital since it opened in 1919. One medical malpractice case against the Methodist Hospital System claimed that a patient was inadequately placed during surgery which led to serious injuries. Another case claimed that physicians at the Methodist Hospital prescribed inadequate medication to a patient. A third medical malpractice report claimed that physicians did not diagnose a patient in time after a stroke occurred.

The Methodist Hospital’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

The Methodist Hospital treats a large number of individuals each year with respiratory illnesses. Workers who are exposed to hazardous substances include toxic material and asbestos are at increased risk of being diagnosed with respiratory conditions. Some workers are diagnosed with lung cancer, which is a hard to treat cancer that often proves to be fatal. Other workers are at increased risk of being diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is caused by asbestos exposure. Prior to federal legislation restricting the placement of asbestos, the material was used by a large number of companies in Houston. Some of the industries in which asbestos was used in Houston include refineries, ship builders, and warehouses. There has been much litigation in recent years against the use of asbestos by Houston companies.

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