Founded in 1954, Texas Children’s Hospital is a pediatric hospital located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. As the largest children’s hospital in the state of Texas, Texas Children’s Hospital offers 639 licensed beds. The hospital focuses on providing medical to women and children throughout the country. Data reveals that the hospital has over 30,000 admissions each year. There are also 9,956 annual inpatient and 18,927 outpatient surgeries performed at Texas Children’s Hospital as well as 121,976 emergency room visits. Currently, the hospital is affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine which uses the Texas Children’s Hospital as its primary pediatric training site.

Medical Malpractice at Texas Children’s Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital is frequently recognized as one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the state of Texas. There have been numerous medical malpractice claims, however, initiated against Texas Children’s Hospital. One medical malpractice case against Texas Children’s Hospital argued that a child died due to his pneumonia treatment. His oxygen level dropped, alarms sounded,  and no one responded for more than 20 minutes. Another medical malpractice case against Texas Children’s Hospital argued that a child was killed after being admitted for a routine sleep study.

Texas Children’s Hospital’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and its primary businesses involve energy, refineries, and shipping. Some of the largest companies in Houston include ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil, Syco, Enterprise Products Partners, and Plains All American Pipeline. Workers in all industries are at risk of many dangers. One common danger is exposure to deadly substances. Toxic materials have the potential to cause several types of illnesses including respiratory illnesses. One respiratory illness is asbestos, which increases based on the frequency to which one is exposed to asbestos. Another very deadly respiratory illness is lung cancer, which represents a large number of cancer deaths each year.

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