Located close to Hermann Park in Houston and opened in 1974, Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center are focused on providing medical care to individuals in the Houston area. Statistics reveal that Park Plaza Hospital’s emergency room encounters 9,523 patients each year resulting in 3,723 admissions that are distributed in the hospital’s 444 beds. These admissions result in physicians at the hospital performing 1,152 inpatient and 1,494 outpatient surgeries each year. The Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center focuses on several different specialties including anti-reflux surgery, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, emergency services, intensive care unit, migraine treatment, oncology, senior care, and surgical weight loss.

Medical Malpractice at Park Plaza Hospital

Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center are owned by Tenet Healthcare, which owns several other hospitals in the state of Texas. Since being founded in 1967, there have been numerous medical malpractice claims initiated against Tenet Healthcare. One medical malpractice claim initiated against Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center claimed that a patient had an amputation due to inadequate medical treatment. Another medical malpractice claim concerned a patient who was not adequately informed about the risks of a surgery and subsequently injured.

Park Plaza Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Some of the largest industries in Houston include energy companies and refineries. Marathon Oil, Sysco, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and National Oilwell Varco are just a few of the companies located in Houston. Workers in these industries are at substantial risk of being harmed in many ways including being exposed to toxic materials. One particularly hazardous substance is asbestos, which is known to cause mesothelioma. There are also many other deadly respiratory illnesses that can be caused by this exposure including lung cancer, which is hard to treat and often fatal.

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There is a risk of medical malpractice occurring at every hospital in the state of Texas including

Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center. If you or a loved one is harmed by medical malpractice, call our law firm.