Opened in 2000, Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is focused on providing individuals in the Northwest Houston community with medical care. The hospital focuses on several specialties including cancer care, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, and sports medicine. Statistics reveal that the hospital has 312 operating beds and 16 operating rooms. The hospital also has 18,384 admission each year as well as 110,755 outpatient visits. Methodist Willowbrook Hospital relies on a staff of 883 affiliated physicians and 1,923 employees to maintain the hospital.

Medical Malpractice at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Houston Methodist, which runs Willowbrook Hospital, is one of the leading hospital systems in the state of Texas. While Houston Methodist is often recognized for its medical care, there have been several medical malpractice claims made against the hospital system over the years. In one example a blood clot after surgery caused a condition known as cauda equina compression which made a patients symptoms worsen.  The lawsuit against Methodist suggested the nurses should have noticed the worsening symptoms and notified the surgeon which would have made it possible to decompress the area and resolve the problem. Some of the most common medical malpractice cases involve patients who have been harmed by incorrect medications, unnecessary surgeries, not being adequately informed about the risk of surgeries, and misdiagnosis of serious conditions.

Methodist Willowbrook Hospital’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Houston has a very active economy including companies in the energy field as well as refineries. There are a large number of companies that have offices in Houston including Marathon Oil, Sysco, National Oilwell Varco, Frontier Oil, Spectra Energy, and El Paso Energy. Workers in these industries are at significant risk of being seriously injured. One substantial danger is that a worker could be exposed to hazardous substances. This exposure can result in many adverse medical conditions including respiratory illnesses. Lung cancer is one respiratory illness that can be caused by exposure to toxic materials and is often fatal and very hard to treat. Another serious respiratory condition is mesothelioma, which is caused by exposure to asbestos. Prior to federal legislation preventing the use of asbestos in many ways, however, there are a large number of companies in Houston that used asbestos in such a manner.

Obtain the Assistance of a Knowledgeable Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyer

There is a risk of medical malpractice occurring at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital as well as every other medical facility in the state of Texas. If you are harmed by medical malpractice, do not hesitate to contact our law office.