Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center was founded in 1925 and also was the first hospital founded in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. The hospital offers the only Burn Center verified by the American Burn Association. The hospital is classified as one of three Level I Trauma Centers in Houston. Among its many services, Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center is also the primary teaching hospital for the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas. Statistics reveal that each year the hospital has 33,614 admissions and performs 14,937 inpatient as well as 3,972 outpatient surgeries. The center also offers a Heart and Vascular Institute, a Neuroscience Institute, and a Rehabilitation Hospital.

Medical Malpractice at Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center

Medical malpractice includes a variety of medical treatments that harm patients including inadequate prescriptions and patients who are not informed about the risk of surgery. Since Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center opened in 1925, there have been a number of medical malpractice claims made against the hospital. One medical malpractice claim against Hermann Hospital claimed that the hospital negligently prescribed medication to a patient who had a very adverse reaction. Another malpractice claim against Hermann Hospital claimed that physicians at the facility provided a car accident survivor with inadequate treatment.

Texas Medical Center’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

The Memorial Hermann Hospital System provides treatment to many individuals who have been diagnosed with respiratory conditions. Respiratory illnesses are often diagnosed among workers who are exposed to hazardous and toxic chemicals. This exposure can result in a diagnosis of lung cancer, which is a quickly growing and often fatal type of cancer. Exposure to these hazardous substances can also result in mesothelioma diagnoses. Mesothelioma is a deadly type of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. A large number of companies in Houston have been the subject of litigation in recent years to asbestos exposure and the harm caused to workers.

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