Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital has been in operation for over sixty years. Opened in 1949, the hospital focuses on a variety of services including Cardiovascular, Stroke Care, and an Infant Transport Team. One unique feature of the Beaumont Hospital is that it offers the Albert E. and Gena Reaud Family Shelter. This shelter includes 19 private living quarters for individuals. In 2009, a 52 bed expansion occurred at the location. The hospital offers 355 beds for individuals. Statistics indicate that the hospital has approximately 16,000 patient admissions each year. Additional data reveals that there are 4,132 inpatient and 3,897 outpatient surgeries performed at the center.

Medical Malpractice at Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital

Medical malpractice can seriously injure and even kill patients. This sometimes involves physicians whose treatment falls below the accepted level of care. There are unfortunately several recent cases involving medical malpractice at Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital. One medical malpractice cases involved a patient who received four surgeries for gastrointestinal problems and alleged that physicians injured the patient’s pancreatic duct during the first surgery. Another lawsuit alleged that a physician at  Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital punctured a patient’s heart with an instrument during a procedure that resulted in significant bleeding leading to multi-organ failure and eventually the death of the patient. Another lawsuit alleged that a patient at the hospital was given medication that caused serious adverse reactions eventually resulting in the amputation of the patient’s leg.

Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Medical malpractice that occurs during the treatment of patients with respiratory illnesses can result in very serious injuries. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that occurs due to exposure to asbestos. There are several companies in the Beaumont area that are known to have used asbestos.

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