Founded in 1952 and located in Texas City, Mainland Medical Center has served individuals in Galveston County as well as the rest of South Texas. Offered in combination with Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and HCA Gulf Coast, the Medical Center offers a cancer center, a center for sleep disorders, diagnostic imagery, emergency centers, heart and vascular services, orthopedic services, outpatient services, a rehabilitation center, surgery service, women’s services, and a wound care center. The hospital offers 223 beds to individuals.

Medical Malpractice at Mainland Medical Center

While Mainland Medical Center provides many individuals in the area with medical care, there is still a risk of medical malpractice occurring at the hospital as well as at every other medical facility in the state of Texas. One Medical Malpractice lawsuit alleged a man went in for a routine knee surgery, and 3 days later received bed sores from neglect by the staff.  Other lawsuits against Mainland include negligence which led to assault, and a woman who received a 5 fold increase in her medical bill and a subsequent claim against her insurance settlement. Some of the most common grounds for medical malpractice cases concern patients who have incorrect medications administered and patients who are not adequately informed about all of the potential risks associated with an operation.

Mainland Medical Center’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Mainland Medical Center is located in Texas which is part of Galveston County, which has a population of over 290,000 individuals. Texas City’s economy is fueled by heavy industry which is fueled primarily by the Port of Texas City in addition to petroleum and petrochemical refining. The Port of Texas is also fueled by the Texas City Terminal Railway. There are a variety of dangers faced by workers in these industries. One significant danger are the various medical conditions including respiratory illnesses that can be caused by exposure to medical conditions. Mesothelioma is one deadly respiratory illness that affects a person’s lungs and is caused by exposure to asbestos. While asbestos was once used with great frequency in a variety of medical products, federal law has largely prohibited the use of the material. Another very deadly respiratory illness is lung cancer, which can be caused by exposure to a variety of hazardous materials.

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