Located in Galveston, the John Sealy Hospital is operated by the University of Texas Medical Branch. Opened in 1890 after the death of the extremely wealthy Texan, John Sealy, the hospital has grown significantly singe this time. In 1922, the Sealy & Smith Foundation was established for the hospital which has helped in the creation of several new facilities including the Rebecca Sealy Nurses home and most recently the Jennie Sealy Hospital. In 1954, a second John Sealy hospital building was constructed to replace the original structure. Construction on the more recent John Sealy Hospital building finished in 1978 at a cost of $32.5 million. The hospital contains 12 floors that offer a large number of patient beds which is estimated to be slightly over 500 beds.

Medical Malpractice at John Sealy Hospital

Patients expect medical professionals like the staff at John Sealy Hospital to properly diagnose and treat medical conditions. Medical malpractice, however, occurs when the treatment provided by medical staff falls below the accepted level of care. Since it was opened in 1890, there have been many lawsuits initiated against John Sealy Hospital by patients who claimed medical malpractice occurred. One case alleged that the medical staff at John Sealy Hospital incorrectly treated a patient’s condition which resulted in the loss of a leg by amputation. Another case alleged that medical staff at John Sealy Hospital inadequately treated a patient who was in a coma due to seve uremic poisoning which resulted in the patient reaching total and permanent hearing loss.

John Sealy Hospital Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

There are several serious respiratory illnesses faced by individuals in Galveston. One of the deadliest forms of respiratory illnesses is lung cancer, which represents a large number of cancer related deaths. Some individuals have been diagnosed and treated for mesothelioma, which is caused by exposure to asbestos. There has been a large number of litigation cases involving companies located near the Port of Galveston.

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