Located in Edinburg, planning for the Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance began in 1995. The hospital was created by eight physicians to serve residents of the Rio Grande Valley. The hospital was eventually opened in 1997. The Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance hosts 530 patients beds while focusing on over 60 specialty fields. In comparison to other hospitals in the area, the Doctor’s Hospital is unique because it is operated by practicing physicians. Among the many fields in which its operates, the Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance is particularly well known for its cancer research. The hospital was one of the first in Texas to use a PET / CT scanner, which is a very important tool in analyzing and staging cancer in individuals.

Medical Malpractice at Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance

Each year, there are a number of medical malpractice claims initiate in the state of Texas. These medical malpractice claims occur when a medical professional’s treatment do not meet the accepted standard of care. There have been several claims made against the Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance since the medical facility opened in 1995. One malpractice case against Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance concerned a patient whose condition after a slip and fall accident was made much worse after treatment by a physician at the hospital. There have also been several cases made against individuals who have been prescribed inadequate dosage or the wrong medication by physicians at the medical facility.

Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

One of the most common types of medical conditions seen by physician at the Doctor’s Hospital include respiratory illnesses. As a leading oncology center in Texas, the Doctor’s Hospital hears a large number of cases concerning lung cancer, which is a particularly deadly type of cancer. The Doctor’s Hospital has also treated individuals with mesothelioma, which is caused by exposure to asbestos. There are several companies in Hidalgo County that have been determined to have used asbestos in the past. Asbestos was used in many older buildings including partially in the Rio Grande Bible Institute which opened in 1946.

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