Opened in 1972 and located in Webster, Clear Lake Regional Medical Center has been dedicated to providing medical attention to individuals in the Bay Area Houston. There have been several recent expansions to the size of the hospital. Clear Lake Regional Medical Center focuses on providing a variety of medical services including a breast diagnostic center, child’s care, a heart and vascular hospital, inpatient rehabilitation, neuroscience, and women’s care. The hospital is also a Level III trauma certified location. The hospital relies on a staff of 2,000 medical professions and 900 physicians to maintain its 683 beds and 29,954 annual admissions. Additionally, the hospital reports performing 10,400 inpatient and 24,549 outpatient surgeries annually as well as 104,112 emergency room visits.

Medical Malpractice at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center

There is a risk of medical malpractice occurring at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center along with all other medical facilities in the state of Texas. Any type of medical treatment that falls below the accepted level of care can constitute medical malpractice. Some of the most common types of medical malpractice include patients who are not adequately diagnosed, provided the wrong prescription, or have surgical left inside of their bodies after an operation.

Clear Lake Regional Medical Center’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Webster is located in Harris County and part of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown area.Some of the largest companies in this area are involved in the aerospace and energy industries. Workers in these industries and many others are at significant risk of being seriously harmed or even killed by on-the-job risks. One of these risks is exposure to toxic materials which can result in many serious medical conditions including several types of respiratory illness. Mesothelioma is a frequently fatal lung cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. While asbestos was once used with great frequency in a variety of ways, the use of the material has been largely prohibited by federal law. Another very serious medical illness caused by exposure to toxic materials is lung cancer, which is very hard to treat and frequently fatal.

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