Located in Port Arthur and established in 1930, Christus Saint Mary Hospital is a 227-bed hospital that is focused on providing medical care to individuals in Port Arthur and the surrounding area. There are a variety of medical specialties which the hospital offers including birthing, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, emergency services, and neonatal care, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and women’s health. The hospital is also a designated Level IV Trauma Center.

Medical Malpractice at Christus Saint Mary Hospital

CHI St. Luke’s Health is one of the largest healthcare companies in the country and frequently recognized for providing outstanding medical care. Unfortunately, medical malpractice has the potential to occur at any hospital. Over the years, there have been numerous medical malpractice claims initiated against Christus Saint Mary Hospital. Some of the most common grounds on which medical malpractice claims include patients who are not adequately informed about the risks of an operation, patients who have medical equipment left inside their body after a surgery, patients who experience serious complications as the result of a surgery, and individuals who are not correctly diagnosed by a medical professional.

Christus Saint Mary Hospital’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Home to many refinery companies, Port Arthur is in a period of revival with several large-scale projects planned by companies in the area over the next decade. Some of the companies located in Port Arthur include Motiva Enterprises LLC, Total Petrochemicals USA Incorporated, and Chevron. Refinery workers must face a variety of on-the-job hazards including exposure to deadly materials. Being exposed to hazardous substances can result in several deadly medical conditions including a variety of respiratory illnesses. One of these illnesses is lung cancer, which is very hard to treat and represents a large number of cancer fatalities each year. Another particularly deadly illness is mesothelioma, which is almost always fatal and caused by exposure to asbestos.

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There is a risk of medical malpractice occurring at Christus Saint Mary Hospital as well as every other medical facility in the state of Texas. If you have been harmed by medical malpractice, contact our law office today.