Located in Beaumont Texas, Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital is recognized throughout the state of Texas as a leading medical center in bariatrics, cardiology, critical care, general surgery, oncology, spine surgeries, and orthopedics, Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital has several times been recognized by the National Research Corporation as a center preferred by patients. Additionally, Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital has received recognition for its Cardiology and Stroke departments. The hospital is the only Level Three Trauma Center in the area.

Statistics reveal that the Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital offers 425 beds and sees approximately 103,391 patients each year in its emergency room. The hospital also has a total of 17,429 patient admissions including 6,320 inpatient and 14,498 outpatient surgeries. This hospital was formerly known as Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont.

Medical Malpractice at Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital

There are several reported cases involving medical malpractice at Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital. One medical malpractice case against Saint Elizabeth Hospital occurred in 2009 involving a patient who was diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction and received an operation. The patient was later re-admitted to the hospital with anemia, dehydration, and abdominal abscesses. After another surgery, the source of the patient’s pain could not be located and the patient’s condition suddenly grew worse and the patient developed complications. The patient eventually was placed on a ventilator and later died. Another malpractice case involving Christus involved a patient who received a cut necessitating eight stitches while under anesthesia for another operation.

 Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

There are several types of serious respiratory illnesses that can prove life-altering if medical malpractice occurs. Lung cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, which can make misdiagnosis or failure to adequately treat a patient deadly. Mesothelioma, an often terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure, also demands adequate medical treatment. There are several industries in the area that are known to have used asbestos.

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