Part of the Texas Medical Center, Ben Taub Hospital is located in Houston. Opened in 1963, the hospital is managed by Harris Health System but staffed by Baylor College of Medicine. Classified as a Level I trauma center, Ben Traub is one of three centers of its kind located in Southeast Texas. As one of the busiest trauma centers in the country, there are 586 licensed beds at Ben Taub. The General Hospital also sees over 106,000 emergency cases each year. The hospital’s name is in honor of Ben Taub, a philanthropic real estate investor who greatly contributed to the Houston area. In 2012, renovations of Ben Taub General Hospital were announced for $38 million.

Medical Malpractice at Ben Taub General Hospital

Medical malpractice encompasses treatment by any medical professional that falls below the accepted standard of care. Since opening in 1963, there have been several medical malpractice claims made against Ben Taub General Hospital. One medical malpractice claim against Ben Taub General Hospital claimed that informed consent was not obtained prior to amputation of a patient’s toes. Another case claimed that medical professionals at Ben Taub General Hospital negligently delivered a child. An additional case argued that Ben Taub Hospital cause a staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria infection, because the surgery site was not properly cleaned.

Ben Taub General Hospital’s Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

There are many individuals afflicted by respiratory illnesses that are treated each year at Ben Taub General Hospital. Respiratory illnesses include many types of medical conditions that have the potential to turn deadly. Lung cancer is one particularly serious respiratory illness. Among the various types of cancers, lung cancer has one of the highest yearly fatality numbers. Another very serious respiratory illness is mesothelioma, a cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. Houston was home to several flourishing industries during the last hundred years including the railroad, shipping, and oil refineries. Workers in Houston’s shipyard and oil refineries are still at a significant risk of being exposed to asbestos.

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