Liberty is part of the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land area and serves as the seat of Liberty County. At the time of 2010 census, Liberty had a population of over 8,000 individuals.

Industrial Accidents

Liberty City is faced with a variety of industrial accidents each year frequently including damage to the head, back, brain, eye, neck, and spinal cord. There are several companies in Liberty City including Liberty City Water Supply Company, Key Energy Services, Southern Transport Incorporated, Baker Hughes, Eastman Chemical, Liberty Utilities and Texas Die Casting. Some of the recent industrial accidents that have occurred in Liberty City include:

  • In 2000, a worker was hospitalized for injuries received while working for Key Energy Services. The worker was taking a break from a workover operation in an oil field while a company tool truck was parked directly adjacent to the pumping unit of the well. The worker’s right leg was leaning against an I-beam on the pumping unit when a small rattlesnake became irritated and bit the worker on the right calf. The work was hospitalized, but survived the incident. Rattlesnakes are a particular danger for employees at Key Energy and Occidental Oil.
  • In 2007, a worker at Texas Die Casting Incorporated was reversing the wiring inside the female end of a 480 volt flexible cord when the worker was electrocuted and killed.
  • In 2016, a worker at Eastman Chemical was burned when a pipe carrying hot chemicals used in the plastic manufacturing process was spewed with materials. The worker was ultimately killed by these burns. Two other nearby workers were also injured.

Car Accidents in Liberty City

There are several majors roads in Liberty City including US Highway 59, Interstate 69, US Highway 90, State Highway 61, Texas Highway 135, State Highway 105, State Highway 146, and State Highway 321. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2015 there were two fatalities in Liberty County that resulted in the death of motorists. Some of these examples have occurred in the following way:

  • In 2016, a motor vehicle operator attempted to turn onto southbound Texas Highway 135 and while the motorist was crossing the intersection was struck on the driver side by a tractor trailer. Unfortunately, the motor vehicle operator did not survive the incident.
  • In 2016, in a crash near Liberty City resulted in the death of a motor vehicle driver. This is one of many accidents involving trucks and eighteen wheelers that occur each year in Liberty City.
  • In 2017, a horrible two collisions accident near Liberty City resulted in both vehicles catching on fire.
  • In 2017, one motor vehicle operator was killed in a car crash in Liberty City on FM 1252 near old Kilgore Highway.
  • In 2017, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash in Liberty City.
  • In 2017, one person died and two more individuals were placed in serious condition in an accident that occurred three miles south LIberty City. The accident occurred when oncoming vehicles collided in the middle of the roadway.

Liberty City Medical Malpractice

Two of the medical facilities in Liberty City include LIberty Dayton Regional Medical Center and Liberty County Hospital District. Medical malpractice, unfortunately, can occur at even the best medical facilities. Medical malpractice occurs when medical staff behaves in a negligent manner that either seriously injures or kills a patient. If you harmed by medical malpractice, a seasoned attorney can prove to be particularly helpful. A medical malpractice attorney can help in several types of cases including the following:

  • The five most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions are blood clots, heart attacks, infections, lung diseases, and tumors, A misdiagnosis has the potential to be life threatening.
  • Child Birth. There are many ways in which negligence can impact the childbirth process. Some of the most common practices include hemorrhages, surgical negligence during a Cesarean section, placental abnormalities, preeclampsia, and premature babies.
  • Medication errors often result from administering the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage of medication. In these cases, there are many medical professionals who can be liable including pharmacists who give out the wrong medication or doctors who incorrectly write down an amount of medicine.
  • Surgical Errors. There are many common negligent mistakes that can occur during surgery. Some of these errors include failure to control bleeding, leaving a foreign body inside a patient, nerve damage, and sometimes even performing the wrong operation.

Toxic Substances

Workers in Liberty City are exposed to a variety of hazardous factors including the following:

  • Asbestos Exposure. Being exposed to asbestos in the workplace can increase the risk of many serious illnesses including asbestosis, internal organs.damage, lung cancer, as well as disease of the lungs and kidney. Statistics reveal that there 77 deaths from asbestos between 1999 to 2013 in Liberty County.
  • Mesothelioma is a malignant type of cancer in the lining of the lungs, heart or abdomen that is caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. Most mesothelioma victims are given a short time to live and frequently require the assistance of a knowledgeable mesothelioma lawyer. Fibreboard Paper Products Corporation is one of many companies in Dayton that was determined to have exposed workers to the risk of mesothelioma.
  • Benzene Exposure. Benzene can cause acute and chronic leukemia in addition to leukemia, non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and aplastic anemia. In many cases, medical ailments due to benzene can take years to develop.

Obtain the Assistance of a Liberty City Attorney

If you are involved in a work related accident in Liberty City, a knowledgeable attorney will fight for the compensation that you deserve.