Personal Injury

Named for the popular American ideal of liberty, Liberty County is a county in Texas. Created in 183 and organized as a county in 1837, Liberty County’s county seat is the city of Liberty, Texas. Liberty County is considered as part of the Houston- The Woodlands – Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area. Liberty County is bordered on the north by Polk County, the east by Hardin County and Jefferson County, the south by Chambers County and Harris County, and the west by Montgomery County and San Jacinto County. The Trinity River flows through Liberty County effectively dividing Liberty County in half. The five largest cities in Liberty County are Cleveland, Dayton, Mont Belvieu, Ames, and Daisetta. It should be noted that Mont Belvieu is also partially in Chambers County.

The population of Liberty County was 75,643 at the time of the 2010 census. Personal injury related accidents can and do occur in Liberty County. Since January 2016, a handful of catastrophic events have occurred in Liberty County. This page will explain some of the details of these pages in more specific event. Some of these events include:

  • A fire at a pipeline storage facility prompted evacuations and the closing of a portion of Texas Highway 146.
  • A collision occurred between a sports utility vehicle and a heavy truck which resulted in a substantial fire.
  • An eighteen wheel carrying 40,000 pounds of fish was in an accident that shut down parts of the road

Information on Fire Law

At first glance, these events all seem very distinct and unique. There is one commonality between these three events, however. Each of these events caused a fire: one fire started by a pipeline leak, another fire begun between the crash between two motor vehicles, and third the fire begun by the fluids and heats within one large eighteen wheeler. Each of these fires was stopped at different points in the fire’s development but each fire had the potential to spread and do much damage. Only the first example, the fire pipeline storage facility, was a wildfire. The term wildfire is used to describe a fire that burns over grassland or in a forest. This type of fire might be  caused by nature or human error and is usually unplanned. Human errors includes a person starting a wildfire by intentional arson, negligently discarding a lit cigarette, leaving a campfire unattended, burning debris, or utility company equipment. While individuals obviously cannot sue nature for naturally occurring wildfires, individuals can sue for wildfire damage if the fire was caused by another’s negligence or intent. Negligence is defined as the inability to care for another. The amount of care required depends on an individual’s duty in a particular situation. Sometimes, individuals intend to harm others. For example, an individual might plan to start a fire and burn down a building. Both negligence and intended harm comprise the category of personal injury, but both types of fire setting require different types of elements be proven in order to establish a successful claim in a court of law.

Vehicle Accidents

Liberty County is served by several main roads including: United States Highway 59, United States Highway 90, State Highway 61, State Highway 105, State Highway 146, and State Highway 321.

Accident Statistics in Liberty County

In Liberty County in 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that there was 1 fatality due to driving under the influence, 2 fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes in work zones, 1 fatality due to distracted driving, 5 fatalities due to commercial motor vehicle crashes, and 18 fatalities in total throughout the county. Since January 2016, there have been several substantial motor vehicles crashes in Liberty County including, most noticeably, the following:

  • A t-bone collision involving a truck and a police car. A resulting fire. The police car had just completed a U-turn when struck by the truck, trapping the office inside the vehicle.
  • A truck crossed the center dividing line and sideswiped a 2012 truck towing a trailer. The original truck then struck another vehicle head-on.
  • A burned-out car on a private road with a body still sitting in the driver’s seat and the human remains mostly destroyed by the intense fire.
  • A small child wandered into the path of a truck when the truck was backing out of its location, killing the child.

Trapped Inside Truck

Car accidents are frightening. As a result, people avoid thinking about the common risk of car crashes. While car accidents might happen frequently, these events are typically not fatal. Just because a car accident is not deadly, however, does not mean that the event is minor. In some car accident cases, emergency workers use the “jaws of life” to rescue motorists from a car or truck. The terms “jaws of life” refers to a trademarked tool manufactured to help rescue motorists from car collisions. There are currently several different types of rescue tools that are used to peel back metal, slice through damaged doors, ram open jammed doors, and cut through glass and steel to free people trapped inside a vehicle. Fortunately, when serious automobile crashes occur, there are methods for motorists to be rescued from cars. When serious car accidents do occur, motorists must not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer.

Accidents Involving Children

The most common child injury are car accidents that involve road traffic injuries. Unfortunately, over four thousand children die each year from injuries resulting from a preventable car accident and many more children are injured. Motorists must make sure to use a car seat that is properly installed in a vehicle, tell children to ride in the backseat which is the safest area in the event of an accident, always use a seatbelt once a child is big enough for a seat belt to fit properly, drive while focused on the road and minimizing distractions, and making sure that children are away from any roadway to avoid being struck by a car. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents still happen involving children and when they do accident victims need the services of top legal representation.

Industrial Accidents

Liberty County is mainly focused on agriculture and the oil industry. Some of the companies in Liberty County include M&M Rent All which is an equipment rental hauling company, Mac Feed and Supply which specializes in supply services, and Alford Fuel which is a gas and oil delivery company. While agricultural tools are used in agricultural spots throughout Liberty County, various companies in the area also utilize electrical equipment like cranes and forklifts. When things go wrong in these companies, injuries to individual’s head, spinal systems, brains, necks, amputations, lacerations and various other injuries can occur.

Agricultural Accidents

Given that many companies in Liberty County are engaged in some aspect of agriculture, it is important to understand the dangers presented by agricultural companies in this country. While farming is long practice and established industry, farming can also be dangerous. Individuals who are injured in farm accidents can face the devastating impact that injury has on day-to-day responsibilities in a variety of ways. Many agricultural accidents cause severe and disabling injuries. These types of accidents can include the following: accidents involving farm machinery, bulls or other cattle and livestock, hazardous materials, other farm accidents, power takeoff injuries, road accidents, and silo and grain dryer accidents. Farm injuries can put families and friends at risk by the risk of amputation, mangled limbs, head or spinal injuries. The worst type of farm injuries can result in death. Other dangers risked by agricultural accidents include disfigurement, emotional distress, lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering. Our attorneys will remain dedicated to reaching positive results in your case.

Defective or Broken Equipment

Liberty County is primarily dedicated towards agricultural purposes.Unfortunately, the farming industry happens to be one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Unknown to many individuals in the farming industry, the leading cause of farmer death and injury are defective farming equipment. Tractor fatalities are particularly startling and account for 36% of farming deaths. Some of the causes in tractor related deaths are individuals who are caught in other equipment, overturns, run-overs, and vehicle collisions. Besides tractor accidents, other types of defective agricultural equipment include bulldozers, farm tractors, grain carts, log splitters, pickup trucks, planters, pump units, rotary mowers, shredders, and vacuum tankers. Injuries can result from a variety of causes including caught clothing, chemical burning from leaking tanks, injuries from power take-off, and suffocation from inappropriate venting.

Medical Malpractice

The closest hospital to Liberty County is Liberty-Dayton Community Hospital. There are several other hospitals that are also in the area but further away. Unfortunately, medical malpractice claims can occur anywhere. Medical malpractice can include many different types of medical errors including diagnostic mistakes including incorrect diagnosis and failure to diagnose, medication errors that include dispensing medication incorrectly in addition to improperly prescribing medication, surgical errors, and anesthesia mistakes. Medical malpractice cases require establishing that a medical injury took place and that the medical professional failed to use the level of care that another similar medical professional would.

Toxic Substances

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a material used for a variety of conditions that has been found as a cause in a variety of cancers. Asbestos exposure is common among particular high risk industries including laborers, mining, ship building, and construction. If asbestos exposure took place during the course of private employment, workers might be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim.


Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer used to describe a cancerous tumor involving the mesothelioma cells of an organ. It is essential that individuals who suffer from mesothelioma contact an attorney who specializes in mesothelioma cases.

Benzene Exposure

Benzene is a sweet-smelling chemical used in a variety of product. Individuals are exposed to benzene in a variety of settings. Studying the link between exposure to benzene and cancer has revealed benzene to be a known carcinogen. For individuals who are facing the dangers of benzene exposure, it is essential to contact a seasoned lawyer.