Personal Injury

Personal injury related accidents and work related deaths can and do occur in Groves Texas despite limited information published concerning these accidents.  In 2012, a man from Groves, Texas was involved in a deadly truck explosion.

Deadly Trucking Rig Explosions

Truck accidents can be extremely dangerous due to their large size and weight. Sometimes in addition to daily material, trucks carry hazardous materials. While trucks are already dangerous on their own, the addition of hazardous material like gasoline or other chemicals can increase the odds of deadly disaster. Accidents of this nature can also send huge plumes of smoke into the air, requiring the interstate to be closed. Even after the runaway fire from a large truck accident is controlled, additional fires can still pose dangers and problems to the roadways and residents in the area. Also, even after the hazardous material has been cleaned, these remnants continue to pose health problems to the local area and nearby residents. Sometimes, these hazardous materials can even poison water supplies. While commercial motor vehicles transport dangerous materials and accident do sometimes occur, these health risks pose substantial dangers to the surrounding community. Trucking companies should be held liable for hazardous explosions and other similar events that occur due to the goods transported by the vehicle.

Vehicle Accidents

Two of the major roads running through Groves are State Highway 73 and State Highway 87. Much of Groves, however, is comprised of small streets throughout the city.

Statistics for Accidents in Groves

In 2015 in Jefferson County, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that there were 6 fatalities related to driving under the influence, 193 motor vehicle work zone crashes, 1 fatality due to a distracted driver, 2 fatalities due to commercial motor vehicle accidents forming 27 fatalities in the county. Numerous motor vehicle accidents also occurred in Groves in 2016 including a motorcycle collision with a truck and a head on motor vehicle collision after an improper lane turn.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial motor vehicles are caused by several factors that directly contribute to accidents involving commercial motor vehicles most commonly include the following:

  • Driver’s Errors. Mistakes and errors made by the driver which can take the form of misjudging the capabilities of the truck, failure to use proper signals, or other various errors that can be made by the driver.
  • Mechanical Failure. Commercial motor vehicles can suffer from a variety of mechanical failures which include design or production flaws that can cause a variety of mechanical breakdowns. These breakdowns can cause erratic performance in motor vehicles and other unfortunate events that can lead to death.
  • Poor Weather Conditions. Adverse weather conditions can deteriorate roadside conditions which can lead to dangerous situations where truck accidents can occur.

Head On Collisions

Head on collisions have occurred several times in history in Groves, Texas. Because these types of accidents involve vehicles striking each other from opposite directions, the impact forces each person in the vehicle to suffer extreme injuries. Head on collisions tend to occur when one drive crosses the line while trying to pass a slower vehicle. Most head on accidents occur when one driver drifts into the lane of oncoming traffic while driving straight or negotiating a curve. The damage born from collisions is more significant when one of the vehicles is significantly larger or driving faster than the other vehicle.

Industrial Accidents

Despite the relatively small size of Groves, Texas features several industrial equipment suppliers like Fastenal and DEI Industrial in addition to a handful of construction companies like Capital Crew Construction De Leon Construction & Drywall LLC. While there are no oil rigs used in the area, it is not uncommon to spot cranes and forklifts.

Causes of Industrial Injuries

This passage will briefly explain industrial accidents, which can occur at any job environment. Industrial accidents are most common at industrial equipment manufacturers and in construction based settings. Some injured workers can benefit by seeking compensation for medical expenses in addition to claiming lost wages. Industrial accidents can be particularly damaging when these injuries occur due to defective equipment. These injuries are often the result of events including fire, explosions, contact with hazardous equipment, defective machinery, falls at a construction site, crane accidents, electric shock, and exposure to toxic substances.

Industrial Injuries

The types of injuries that can occur from industrial accidents include a variety of injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and severe burns.

Injuries Incurred Due to Defective or Broken Equipment

Because there are no large agricultural facilities in Groves, a large concern in would be broken or defective manufacturing equipment. Working in various industries can come with its own fair of challenges. Due to the nature of these jobs, workers in these industry often come into potentially dangerous situations. Some examples include power saws, drills, ladders, wood chippers, hoists, nail guns, welding equipment, and various other types of power equipment. Construction workers are particularly prone to getting injured on work sites and accidents on these work sites can often prove quite substantial. Those who are injured while using power towels have the right to sue the manufacturers. Because these tools often require a great deal of power, any injuries received as a result of a defective tool can be catastrophic. Injuries are also attributed to a variety of negligent employer behavior including purchasing less than pristine quality tools, not providing workers with safety material, not sufficiently responding to complaints about worker safety, not properly training workers on how to use machines, not fully fixing defective tools, and removing safety areas around work areas.

These injuries can result in a great deal of head trauma, spinal injuries, cuts, lacerations, and broken bones among other injuries incurred by workers.

Medical Malpractice

Hospitals Near Groves

The closest hospital to Groves are Mid Jefferson Extended Care Hospital, The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, and Dubuis Hospital of Port Arthur. There are numerous types of lawsuits that can result from medical malpractice. Parties against whom medical negligence claims are brought can include doctors, pharmacists, midwives, technologists, nurses, and a handful of other healthcare providers.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can distort itself into several different forms which include: delayed diagnosis, failure to diagnose, pregnancy malpractice which encompass a wide variety of medical errors, problems that occurred during labor and delivery, misdiagnosis which include result due to mistakes in diagnosis and can lead to delayed or wrongful diagnosis, medication errors in which a doctor might have prescribed a medication to a patient who is already taking a medication that will result in an adverse reaction, surgical errors that can include performing the wrong operation on the wrong patient or body part, and various other negative consequences that can resu

Toxic Substances

Many times, companies employ processes that include toxic waste. Exposure to this toxic waste can often negatively impact the health of workers. When spills or toxic exposure does occur, it can be difficult to pinpoint in a court of law exactly which company is to blame. For example, one of the construction companies in the Groves area might spill or leave excess waste that exposes workers (and sometimes the greater community) to the dangers presented by toxic waste spills.

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease caused by exposure to asbestos, which is insulation fiber that was used for numerous objects until it was discovered that asbestos causes long term negative health effects. It can be difficult to determine what party is exactly liable for exposing others to asbestos. These cases can prove quite complicated for legal representation because it can be difficult to demonstrate that these types of cases can prove for a formative challenge for legal representation.

Benzene Exposure

Benzene is a highly flammable, clear, sweet smelling liquid that is used in the production of plastics, paints, rubber, resins, detergents, lubricants, drugs, pesticides and other substances. Predominantly, benzene is found in petroleum refineries and is a naturally occurring component of gasoline and raw crude oil. Exposure to benzene can prove to have great negative consequences. Long term exposure to benzene has been associated with several types of disease including several types of cancer and other diseases which compromise the immune system.