In 1994 Reaud, Morgan and Quinn, was one of five law firms selected by the State of Texas to prosecute claims against the tobacco industry in what would become one of the largest settlements in recorded history; a figure exceeding 17 billion.   At the time, the tobacco industry had not lost a case 44 years of litigation but through hard work and determination, the small group of lawyers prevailed against some of the most powerful corporations.

Since then, our firm has continued a tradition of providing experienced legal council resulting in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for clients in Texas and throughout the nation.  Below are case verdicts that have achieved notable results.

$130,000,000 – Bell v. Dresser Industries

2001 Orange County verdict against NARCO and Dresser. Five workers (2 non-malignancies, 1 other cancer and 2 lung cancers). National Law Journal; Thirteenth largest verdict in the U.S. in 2001

$52,000,000 – Edwards v. Pittsburgh Corning

2000 Jefferson County verdict against Pittsburgh Corning and W.R. Grace. Five workers (4 non- malignancies and 1 lung cancer)

$30,000,000 – Douglas v. North American Refractories Company

2001 Orange County verdict against NARCO. 6 workers (4 non-malignancies and 2 lung cancers).

$30,000,000 – Laird v. E-Z Mart Stores

1994 verdict regarding rape of store employee by third person. Inadequate security.

$16,000,000 – Parsons v. Owens Corning

2000 settlement after 2 weeks of trial. 7 workers (4 non-malignancies, 1 other cancer, 1 lung cancer and 1 mesothelioma).

$12,000,000 – Wrench v. Pittsburgh Corning

1998 verdict against Pittsburgh Corning. 5 workers (2 non-malignancies, 2 lung cancers and 1 mesothelioma).

$8,708,000 – Cimino v. Raymark

Consolidation of asbestos trials in the Eastern District of Texas. 166 cases were tried to 2 juries in two courtrooms. The verdicts were against Celotex, Pittsburgh Corning and Fibreboard.