In various types of estates held by two or more parties, a dispute can arise between the parties regarding how to divide the estate, what it’s worth is, and even who is legally entitled to place a claim on the estate. This is particularly true for estates with extensive holdings, valuable collectibles, or ongoing lucrative business assets. Even if a will and last testament, prenuptial agreement, or other legal document is in place, challenges can be made and successfully won inside and outside of court.

Complex Property Division in Beaumont

In the state of Texas, all assets and liabilities acquired in the duration of the marriage are considered joint assets and are subject to property division during any divorce proceedings. This includes all marital property such as homes, bank accounts, retirement assets, etc. In addition to disagreements on these complex property division issues, there can also be disputes for the following:

  • The present and estimated future worth of a family-owned business
  • The division of investment holdings, portfolios, employer contributions to 401(k) accounts, etc.
  • Property that has increased in value since the marriage
  • Accounts created for the children
  • Child support or alimony
  • Value of an annuity or structured settlement
  • Discovery of hidden assets by one or more spouse

Complex Property Division Issues

While many assets that were purchased after the marriage may be subject to a split of half and half between spouses, many issues can arise that fall under complex property division. For example, was a home purchased before the marriage with one of the spouses holding the title? Whose income was used to purchase the asset may also come into question, along with who signed the documents regarding the asset. There can even be issues if the spouses were married in one state, purchased assets in another, and seek divorce in another state.

If you have a good relationship with your spouse and can work things out on your own, an attorney may simply be hired in an advisory manner. However, if there is conflict or reason to distrust, it is important to prepare your case thoroughly to protect your share of the marital assets. An attorney can help establish your case for litigation and enables you to make the strongest case possible during negotiations.

Beaumont Complex Property Division Lawyer

If you or someone you know is facing a divorce where complex property division is involved, it is crucial that they obtain experience legal counsel. This is especially true if complex or high value property is involved.

Our firm can handle all matters related to complex property division. We can also oversee the every step