If a divorce is pending in your life, you may be wondering what will happen to the children, especially if they are not your biological children. Parents who are married to a biological parent may choose to adopt the children in order to protect their own parental rights should a divorce occur. There may also be a host of other reasons parents or even grandparents choose to adopt, and in many cases, they will need the help of an experienced lawyer.

Beaumont Adoption

In the state of Texas, the law requires adoptive parents to undergo significant checks before any adoption can be initiated or finalized. This includes an extensive check of the adoptive parent or parents background, current living situation, and prospective future. Parents who seek to adopt may also be subject to:

  • Criminal background checks in Texas and across the nation
  • Background checks to look for abuse or neglect
  • Visits to the home by official personnel when all members of the adoptive family are present
  • Proof in the form of documentation that the family has financial stability
  • Proof in the form of references from relatives and friends citing your fitness to be an adoptive parent
  • And any number of properly filled out legal documents, petitions, responses to documents from the other party or parties, and much more

Beaumont Adoption Complications

In the case of adoptive parents who wish to share or take custody of a child that already has at least one custodial parent, things can be more complicated. Prospective parents must seek and obtain:

  1. A termination of parental rights
  2. Court petitions
  3. Transfer of temporary or foster custody
  4. Permanent custody
  5. And even the approval to change the child’s last name

Other complications can arise if the person you are currently married to is previously divorced but you would like to adopt your step children, especially if the other biological parent wishes to contest.

Beaumont Adoption Lawyer

The adoption process can be considerably more difficult and time consuming when a parent wishes to deny their consent to terminate parental rights, even if a social worker or other family members agree that is best. Our firm can help you understand your options in all adoptive situations, including the possibility of forced termination of the other biological parent’s parental rights.

If you or someone you know has questions about adopting a child before, during, or after a divorce, it is important to obtain the counsel of an experienced lawyer.  Our firm can handle all matters related to your adoption. We also oversee every aspect of your adoption case from gathering data on the well being of the child to representing you in family court.