How Many Car Accidents in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the fatality on Texas roadways was 1.42 deaths for every 100 million vehicles traveled in 2014, the latest year the data is available. This was up 2.16% from the previous year. Fatal car accidents also increased by over 100 people from the previous year, and there were no days without a deadly car accident in the state. Over half of all fatal car accidents, or 55.86%, took place in rural areas just like Beaumont.

How Many Beaumont Car Accidents?

The population of Beaumont is approximately 117,000 living in a city of 85 square miles. With the major highways of I-10, Route 39, and Route 90, many who live or work in the city can be injured during their commute.  According to City Data, 8 fatal accidents involving 15 people and 11 vehicles occurred in 2014. This does not even count those who live in Beaumont and were injured or killed on their way to work in Houston or another city.

Types of Beaumont Car Accident Lawsuits

There are many types of causes of car accidents including:

  • Driver distraction or intoxication
  • Texting while driving
  • Driver error
  • Road and weather conditions
  • Unsafe or unmaintained vehicle
  • And many others

These car accidents don’t necessarily involve other vehicles as well. Car accidents can occur when a vehicle collides with a truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, cyclist, or other. These car accidents are ultimately tragic because they cause so much damage and could have been avoided in most cases.

  1. Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawsuit – When someone is killed as the result of a car accident, the family or next of kin has the right to file a claim against the guilty party for wrongful death.
  2. DWI Car Accident Lawsuit – When someone under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or even over the counter medication causes an accident, the damaged party has the right to file a suit against the driver and even the insurance company.
  3. Types of Car Collisions – The most deadly type of car accident is the head on collision. Other dangerous crashes include the t-bone, collision with object, and truck accident.

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