Beaumont Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you know was involved in a Beaumont car accident and suffered an injury, you are probably thinking about whether an automobile accident injury attorney can help you recover damages to pay for all of your bills related to the accident, as well as provide compensation for your pain and suffering. The short answer is: yes.

When to Hire an Attorney

Although an individual can file an automobile accident injury lawsuit themselves, chances are the other party or parties will hire an attorney of their own who knows the law and can have your claim dismissed. Having a Beaumont automobile injury attorney of your own can assist you going up against large insurance companies and their team of attorneys. Your lawyer should already know the personal injury laws and procedural rules in your state to effectively handle all the legwork. They should act as your advocate throughout the entire case from initial contact to collecting your settlement.

A big insurance company’s attorneys have the knowledge to reduce settlements or even outright deny the culpability of the guilty party. It is best to hire a lawyer of your own in the following cases:

  1. Those who have suffered severe or long lasting injuries.
  2. Those who are facing expensive and ongoing medical bills.
  3. Those who have experienced a significant loss of wages due to their injuries.
  4. The families of those who have suffered a wrongful death.
  5. Those who are in an automobile accident with a commercial vehicle.

Types of Injury Lawsuits in Beaumont

There are a variety of types of accidents and injuries, each with their own precedent.

  • Long Term or Permanent Disability Automobile Accident – These involve injuries that last a year or longer or involving a permanent injury.
  • Disputed Liability – When an insurance company disputes its liability for the accident, claims their policyholder is not at fault, and they are not responsible for paying damages.
  • Refusal to Pay – When an insurance company will not make a fair settlement offer or any offer.

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